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Backup Technology – New Website Launched

Backup Technology are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website www.backup-technology.com which reflects our position as the market leading Online Backup and Disaster Recovery specialist.

The new site has many new features including a new interactive blog which will feature regular posts from members of our team who will talk about best practices and our experience of the industry.

After many months of development, we are delighted to officially release the Backup Technology Portal which will be made availaible to all existing customers and resellers over the coming weeks. The portal provides a central point of management for all backup activities to streamline the process of monitoring, whilst giving live updates and information around the clock.

Customers can now raise an online  support case by clicking a single button in the portal, all of the relevent information is then automatically transmitted to our Asigra trained support staff. Once the case has been assigned your account manager will then decide on the best method of resolving your issue either by telephone or a remote session.

We hope that new and existing customers will benefit from usability of the new design, please let us know your comments and feedback below

Asigras new Storage I/O and Data Validation Tool

Asigra, the undisputed leader in ‘agentless’ data recovery management has just introduced a new Storage I/O and dynamic Data Validation Tool. This new utility will be of immense help to Asigra storage partners and users. It will make sure that optimally tuned, architected storage servers get implemented and operated as part of a holistic disk-based data protection infrastructure. The idea is to maximise investment return.

The Asigra tool will provide precise analysis, and help identify the storage systems deployed soon or ones already deployed which are optimised. This will allow backup to become more effective with Asigra Televaulting as well as other I/O intensive general computing applications to ensure positive ROI.

Let us take a look at the Asigra Storage I/O plus Data Validation Tool features:

• It works by computing the communication speed between the backup targets and the backup vault (or a staged backup device).
• The Storage I/O & Data Validation tool identifies the problem areas and allows for tuning so as to map the precise backup/recovery performance requirements.

The new offering by Asigra also handles and supports managed service provider (MSP) pressures to comply with customer Service Level Agreements and end user demands. This ensures stringent backup windows and lowers operational costs.

Data-loss prevention technology

Protecting data has become a priority for businesses irrespective of their domain and scale of operation. Microsoft is formulating a plan to integrate into its products the new data-loss prevention technology. It stated this would allow security managers to keep monitoring sensitive data and thus block unauthorised usage.

While calling the step ‘significant’, Microsoft did not disclose much detail, but stated Exchange and SharePoint will probably be among the first products to comprise this DLP capability.

“Customers look to safeguard their intellectual property, which requires knowledge of identity,” noted, Microsoft’s director of identity and security, JG Chirapurath.

Microsoft points to upcoming editions of Exchange and SharePoint as likely candidates for the effective DLP technology, the next SharePoint version is only to be released in 2010. A new edition of Exchange could come even later. Chirapurath declined to divulge how Microsoft would integrate DLP into the endpoint like through Internet Explorer (IE). He added no decision so far had been taken regarding the technology with Windows 7 or Office.

For company owners who are keen on protecting their precious data offsite, the ideal option is a backup resource that will be able to offer you space in their own secured Asigra vault, hosted in state of the art data centres.

A tool for managed service providers

As data security experts often point out, managed service providers may struggle when trying to balance the proper infrastructures to fulfil customer Service Level Agreements, particularly in case of backup and recovery.

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Bob Laliberte mentions: “It is rather difficult to pre-qualify key components without adequate testing utilising typical loads encountered on day one, as well as on day one thousand.”

Under these circumstances, the new tool from Asigra is sure a step in the exactly right direction. MSPs – by pre-qualifying new storage filers – are in a position to optimise their investment depending on their profile. It can be leveraged to locate bottlenecks, if any, in existing deployments. This will enable providers to effectively meet present business service levels and also those for the future.

The tool can well simulate loads from target servers/PCs or workstations, remote sites, endless types of simultaneous activities, such as backup and restores that allow proactive and dynamic backup infrastructure tuning. Asigra’s new Storage I/O – Data Validation tool will promote cost saving, also ensuring that infrastructure is tuned optimally for maximum performance. This indeed is a truly innovative performance optimisation tool.

Steps and solutions for data recovery

Disaster, like sudden data loss, can strike anytime and give a business owner a rather nasty surprise. Such events take place without giving us any time to think. Data loss for any business owner is usually devastating, unpredictable and can cause lots of stress in recovering the data, which may even be lost permanently.

When budding businesses set up their organisational structure, they often do not take into account uninvited disasters and take little or no steps in avoiding such data loss to occur. There is hardly any planning for data recovery. The daily routine of saving files and information is the normal procedure of many organisations and personal PC users too. But things like taking some measures towards data recovery just in case of data loss are generally ignored.

There are some effective measures towards data recovery planning. One among them, Asigra agentless architecture, protects all your data types with little investment. Asigra scheduled and automatic backups make sure continuous protection – round the clock. The restores are fast, smooth and easily manageable. Importantly, Asigra processing, compression and duplication reduce network traffic congestion.

IDC findings: Asigra is for growth-oriented businesses

Asigra’s agentless design makes it far less intrusive than some of the alternatives available, it has been asserted. This information recovery management platform has also been praised by analyst IDC for its ease and smoothness of implementation as well as lack of intrusion into the existing network infrastructure.

The research analyst for IDC, Krista Collins states:

The platform is so designed to make it easy and cost effective for customers to achieve the regulatory compliance and derive greater benefits from the process of virtualisation.

IDC in its analysis adds that currently the rate of information growth is exponential and that traditional backup systems may not be able to accommodate the fast increasing need for storage in the long term.

However, with technology such as Asigra, the analyst claims that growth-oriented businesses, which were previously ‘drowning in data’, could now find that they are able to ‘keep their heads afloat and above water’.

Backup technology experts in a typical environment install a ‘single agentless Asigra Televaulting DS Client’ on a dedicated device, existing workstation or server. The clients’ software can then discover all servers, laptops, domains and remote sites within their network.

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