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For damage proof and accident proof data storage

In a major security breach, the employee of a private company misplaced a computer memory stick that contained the names and passwords for a big public sector site. Atos Origin that manages the U.K government’s online Gateway was responsible for this data breach. After this incident came to light, the ministers immediately ordered a temporary shutdown.

The memory stick however was found later in the pub car park near Staffordshire where the company is based. Though the content of the memory stick was encrypted, an expert hacker could have easily accessed it and this is why conventional storage devices like USBs, hard disks etc are not safe.

If this could happen with a government agency and confidential matter, how can you consider your personal and other valuable data that is stored in hard disks and CDs or DVDs safe? Such hardware can easily be stolen and is also easily breakable and prone to damage.

Hence, conventional storage devices have been rendered obsolete and the best place to store your information is on the internet. Companies have taken a note of this problem and have set up ‘online vaults’ where data can be uploaded securely. All you need is a computer and a decent internet speed to upload your data and you can be sure it stays damage proof and even safe from accidental data loss.

The Department for Work and Pensions plagued by loss

According to recent reports, the Department for Work and Pensions is planning to terminate the contract it had with a private company, Atos Origin. An employee of Atos Origin had misplaced a computer memory stick that had the names and passwords of users of Government Gateway, one of the biggest websites in the public sector.

The company has taken serious action against the loss of this device. Investigations were being carried out surrounding its loss as well as the data content stored on the memory stick.

As per DWP, the memory stick contained vital logins and passwords as well as some individual personal data in an encrypted form.

With such incidences, the departments come under a lot of pressure. It is very important for a business to have an online data backup service and online data storage so that such incidents are not repeated.

An efficient and effective data plan can save companies from big disasters. If this company had an effective data storage plan, things would have been much better. Online data storage allows companies as well as individuals to store their important data online on a server which is located at an offsite location.

Data that is stored on the server is absolutely safe and secure. Data is transferred to the server in an encrypted form, thus ensuring security and integrity.

Atos Origin data loss could have been prevented

Atos Origin is a leading international IT company. They provide integrated design, operating and building software for multi-national companies. However, they have recently been in the spotlight for unwelcome and avoidable reasons. The company had to confess that it had lost a data storage device that contained government passwords.

This is not the only organisation to have suffered data loss due to negligence, theft or even because of a system crash. There are many companies who do not realise the importance of having a good data storage and data backup policy.

If Atos Origin would have used online data backup and storage instead of storing the data on a memory stick, the data loss could have been easily prevented.

Memory sticks can be easily lost as they are very small and they can also get corrupted. This is why you cannot rely on them. The same applies to other storage devices like CDs, DVDs and even laptops.
Companies should use online backup services to prevent any loss of data that contains project details, client details and product information. If data is stored online, employees can access it from anywhere using the internet without having to use any unsecure storage devices.

Companies and agencies need to step up while handling vital data

It seems as if the problem of data loss will just not be solved. In another unfortunate data loss incident, an Atos Origin employee took a USB memory stick that contained security software, passwords and technical specifications for the Department of Work and Pension website. The information on the memory stick which is essential to the Government Gateway website was found outside a pub in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Richard Thomas, the Information Commissioner stated that the year has been one of numerous data breaches and data losses and insisted that companies and government bodies take extreme care of important information like the kind found on the memory stick. He went on to say that there are many companies that are unaware of the fact that their important personal information has been stolen or may be destroyed. He also emphasised the need to be more cautious with handling sensitive information.

To avoid terrible consequences of the loss of essential data, it is important to ensure that one has an offsite or online backup. This step can help get a business back on track even in case of data loss. The main purpose of using online data backup is to ensure that data can be obtained whenever it is needed without any loss.

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