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Why you need online data backup?

Loss of data due to computer problems can have a devastating effect on your business; therefore it is important to keep all your stored information secure and safe. Having an online data backup is a great idea as it keeps all your information secure and helps you recover faster from any unpredictable dangers.

Many companies offer several data backup plans on the Internet. Online data backups are ideal replacements to traditional storing methods such as USB drives, DVDs or CDs. Online data backups are preferred by the majority of internet users and have emerged as one of the safest and secure methods of data storage.

Once using an online data backup service, you no longer need to bother about losing or damaging any of your data. This is due to everything being securely stored and easily retrieved if ever lost. Another advantage of online data backup is that it provides you with 24/7 accessibility.

Online data backup is available for protecting different data sizes depending on your requirements. Most online data backup companies have a secure protected data centre but it is advisable to inquire before availing their services. Data backup services are very affordable and some companies do not charge you with any license fees.

Online data backup is supported to work on all available operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Novell, Mac and Sun. They also support all common email formats such as Lotus Notes, Exchange etc.

Data-loss prevention technology

Protecting data has become a priority for businesses irrespective of their domain and scale of operation. Microsoft is formulating a plan to integrate into its products the new data-loss prevention technology. It stated this would allow security managers to keep monitoring sensitive data and thus block unauthorised usage.

While calling the step ‘significant’, Microsoft did not disclose much detail, but stated Exchange and SharePoint will probably be among the first products to comprise this DLP capability.

“Customers look to safeguard their intellectual property, which requires knowledge of identity,” noted, Microsoft’s director of identity and security, JG Chirapurath.

Microsoft points to upcoming editions of Exchange and SharePoint as likely candidates for the effective DLP technology, the next SharePoint version is only to be released in 2010. A new edition of Exchange could come even later. Chirapurath declined to divulge how Microsoft would integrate DLP into the endpoint like through Internet Explorer (IE). He added no decision so far had been taken regarding the technology with Windows 7 or Office.

For company owners who are keen on protecting their precious data offsite, the ideal option is a backup resource that will be able to offer you space in their own secured Asigra vault, hosted in state of the art data centres.

Carry your data wherever you go

Online data backup is a popular way of protecting data for home and business users. Using online data backup service is very easy as it is very user friendly. You have to download a software program on your computer that runs in the background as you schedule it. You can schedule it every night or every week but it is recommended that you take the backup of the data at least once a week.

You can select the files and folders on your computer that you want to be backed up. The first backup is normally slow but subsequent backups are much faster as they are incremental in nature. Only the files and folders that are new or have been modified since the previous backup will be copied.

Online data storage services sometimes offer unlimited storage space. You get the storage space according to your requirements. The services usually work on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

If your hard drive crashes, or if your computer or laptop is stolen, by having online data backup it will be fairly easy to restore your data. You can initiate a full system restoration through online data backup.

Online data backup services let you access your data from any computer. You do not need any special software to access your data. The web browser will have all the necessary options.

Online data backup is like insuring your business

Online data backup acts as an insurance for your business. Data is one of the most important assets for any business. Losing important business data can be really damaging for a company. Online data backup protects your important data and thus acts like insurance.

Many years ago, data backup included use of zip drives, DVDs, tape drives, external hard drives and many such external devices. However, these methods were not foolproof and unreliable. If you need a robust data backup solution, you must consider an online data backup service for your business

The biggest advantage of this service is that you need not purchase any external storage device. You may pay for the services by an ongoing process similar to an internet service provider.

With an online data backup service, the footprint of the software client is much lighter on the computer when compared to a traditional backup program. The speed of the entire back up process depends on the speed of the internet bandwidth. The fees are quite minimal and one can easily afford them. If you choose an annual subscription, you may receive discount as well. You can have as much storage space as you want for online data backup.

Online data backup service is compatible with the Windows operating system. You can restore the data in a much smoother process compared to other services. Online backup services also offer file sharing, photo sharing, data encryption and more.

Disaster recovery services are reliable and flexible

It is a devastating experience to lose irreplaceable information relating to your business. You can deal with any kind of emergency if you have disaster recovery services backing up your data. You can get the back up of your content, duplicate copy of your site storage and advanced data restore capabilities through disaster recovery services.

Customer data over internet, VPN connections and Ethernet can be secured and stored using disaster recovery services. Disaster recovery services offer live database backup options supported on Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms. You can make your business more reliable and flexible using disaster recovery services.

You can instantly restore your lost data through an off site data storage facility via a user friendly web interface. Disaster recovery service copies your data to a mobile storage device which can be transported to any recovery site that you want.

Disaster recovery service holds real value for your business as it safeguards you against any unforeseen events. Disaster recovery service ensures the maximum level of data protection. While backing up a large file, you should know that the disaster recovery service could take several minutes.

Therefore, disaster recovery services reduce your cost and control your backup and recovery environment with greater reliability and resilience. If you analyse all the possible solutions for protecting your data, you will find that disaster recovery service is the best option for your business.

Ingredients of a comprehensive backup solution

The most crucial component in your backup strategy is ensuring data preservation. That is why off-site storage of data is essential. Without it, there is no fool-proof data security.

Online backup, which vaults the data off-site automatically, is widely recognised as the best way of protecting essential data. However, the speed of the backup/ restore process can sometimes present a problem when trying to protect large volumes of data online. This is because throughput gets constrained by the amount of bandwidth available.

An effective onsite backup solution should be able to eliminate this peculiar problem. It looks to couple the convenience of local backup with the security of remote backup. The backups need to be managed by experienced technicians. Also, the client should be assured of expert assistance round the clock for both remote and local restores.

A comprehensive, thorough backup solution is fully managed. It is Windows, Netware, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AS400/ iSeries, AIX supported. It ensures quick local backups and restores and also secures off-site storage. You need no hardware/ software to purchase.

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