The Four “Vs” of Cloud Computing

In this technological era, companies across the globe are searching for ways to access the ever changing landscape and benefits that technology can bring. Cloud computing is at the forefront of this technological revolution, offering numerous benefits for companies who are seeking new ways of doing business.

The benefits of cloud computing can be distilled into the Four V’s, which are:

• Value,
• Variety,
• Velocity, and
• Volume.

These four factors are merely samples of how Cloud computing can benefit your business.

VALUE – Cloud computing offers organisations and companies great value for their money. First of all, no expensive outlay of capital is needed because the cloud infrastructure already exists. Nothing new needs to be built, so there are no capital expenditures. In addition, companies can adopt the “pay-as-you-go” model, allowing them to stay within their budget. This makes investing in cloud based technologies a reasonable and controlled investment.

VARIETY – Cloud computing has the ability to be accessed on a variety of devices, ranging from handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, netbooks and home computers — essentially any device that has access to the Internet. It increases the efficiency of portable devices as important data can be uploaded and accessed on handheld devices while business travellers are on the road. In addition, a variety of users — from suppliers, clients, buyers etc. — can access the cloud for sharing and collaboration from wherever they are, at anytime.

VELOCITY – The speed at which business can be done via the cloud is simply amazing. In fact, it is revolutionary. Accessing the cloud can be instantaneous. Uploading and accessing important data can happen in less than a matter of seconds. Collaboration between colleagues can take place in a matter of seconds. The speed at which business can be done in the cloud increases a company’s efficiency and can also increase its bottom line. Therefore, accessing cloud technology saves not only money, but valuable time.

VOLUME – Cloud computing offers an organisation the ability to upload and store an unlimited amount of data. Companies no longer have to worry about reaching maximum capacity when they store their important files on the web. The amount of storage a company needs in the cloud can be scaled up or down and tailored accordingly. As a company’s storage needs expand and grow, they can rest easy knowing that they will never run out of storage space in the cloud because the cloud offers them flexible storage options.

So, if you are considering switching to cloud computing — and cloud backup and storage for your business — remember the four V’s of cloud computing: Value, Variety, Velocity, and Volume.

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