What is Holding you Back from Investing in the Cloud?

For every business that has signed up for the cloud, there are hundreds who have not. Some of them are still sitting on the wall trying to obtain assurances that the cloud is not the gateway to disaster. The faux pas with cloud computing, frequently reported in the news, is not helping any. Most are unwilling to let go the familiar in IT and step out into the unknown—whatever the advantages that are obtainable.

Fence sitters must introspect. What holds them back from taking the plunge are concerns around reliability and security in the cloud.

Remember, security worries the cloud vendor as much as it worries the business person running the company. Cloud vendors know that clients will refuse to entrust their data to them if security is compromised in any way. Consequently, elaborate security systems are devised to give their customers the confidence in the service. Complex algorithms are created, tested and deployed to encrypt all information at source, so that data can never be hijacked or compromised during transmission or in storage. User management systems are integrated into the agent software to empower Administrators configure users and user rights and permission from a central client-located console; in keeping with the policy dictates of the organisation.

Cloud vendors are extremely disaster conscious. They cannot afford to have their data centres destroyed by natural or man-made causes. They proactively create hot sites, disaster recovery sites, and backup sites for customer information. They iteratively work on their disaster recovery plans, so that customers are never made to feel the impact of “downtime” or loss of service. They physically and electronically secure access to their data centres with elaborate security systems including biometric entry, spy cameras and access logs. Unauthorised intrusions at a physical or electronic level can be instantly detected and dealt with in well constructed and secure data centres.

Well established cloud service vendors are anxious to provide state-of-the-art support services their customers. They know that this is one means of differentiating themselves from the competition. They hire the best available talent in the market to man their support teams. They proactively report backup and recovery status and ensure that they are constantly available to the customer in myriad of ways.

We, at Backup Technology, understand that trust is the foundation of a good business relationship. We work towards building trust and deliver what is promised. The fact that our customer base is growing in geometric proportions is an indication of our market reputation, and the reliability of our services. If you would like to know more about us, please visit our website. You can also download and try out the fully functional trial version of our software into the bargain!

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