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The iPad at Work – Can it replace a laptop?

With the launch of the latest round of iPad Generations including the iPad Air (aka iPad5) and iPad mini (with Retina display), Apple are once again showing their ability to dominate the market and convince their avid fan base to part with their hard earned cash.  (My iPad air arrived this morning!!).

Every time a new portable device arrives on my desk, fresh from the delivery man, I say to myself how can I be more productive with this.  How can I get more value to for money from this device?  I then find myself spending the next 20 minutes searching the app store to see if any new ‘wonder apps’ have been released that are going me to allow to discard my laptop and spend the rest of my working days tapping away on the new shiny screen.

In reality what happens is you see the same apps, all of which specialise in one particular aspect of what you want, be it document editing or spreadsheet work.  Essentially the lack of the office suite is a massive disadvantage to the business iPad user.

Sure Apple have released their Notes, Numbers and Keynote software on the device, which are fantastic products, however, with no way to access folders directly on the company network, the whole process can become tiresome and convoluted.  There is certainly not a solution that you could document and expect the CEO to understand and follow every time he needed to make last minute adjustments to the presentation he’s giving when he gets off the train!

I understand that you can have everything sync’d between devices, using solutions like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.  However, enterprises invest huge sums of money in storage for their users, much to the finance departments resentment.  For an IT manager to then have to go cap in hand and ask for more money, so the sales boys can access their documents on the an iPad is quite simply asking for trouble.

Mail, Apple have pretty much nailed in my opinion, their integration with exchange is seamless, and easy to setup.  Providing your inbox management is good, I’ve seen no issues in sending and receiving mail on the road.

If Apple could get their suite to integrate with Windows file servers, or Microsoft could get an Office suite onto the app store, then I feel that the iPad could start to make the switch from being a consumer, or on the go device to a laptop replacement / fully operational working device.

Samsung over takes Apple

Samsung have officially sold the most smartphones in Q3 of 2013 after shifting 81.2 million devices and thus upping their market share to 31.4%.

Samsung’s market share is now so large that it dwarfs the rest of the competition put together. The likes of Apple, Huawei, LG and Nokia, amongst others, sold roughly 68 million between them, 13 million less than Samsung alone.

It would appear that the market dominance shown by Apple at the beginning of the smart phone age has now swung hugely in favour of Samsung. The most likely explanation for this is Samsung’s far greater range of products, such as the basic Galaxy Ace, to the flagship Galaxy S4, giving them a broader range of customer.

Regardless of who is now the market leader, IDC noted a 9% increase on the previous record breaking quarter for smart-phone sales between Apple and Samsung with 258.4 million phones being sold by the two corporations.

The increase has been accredited to the relative availability of smartphones with low cost or budget handsets becoming more and more available. China was also a big help, accounting for one third of shipments this quarter.

Backup Technology sponsor 150th anniversary of Yorkshire CCC

2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of Yorkshire Cricket Club. In light of this momentous occasion, local MP Nigel Adams (Selby and Aintsy) approached Simon Chappell – CEO of Backup Technology – to see if he would be interested in sponsoring an event based at the Houses of Parliament. Nigel, being a keen cricketer and Yorkshire man, wanted Parliament to acknowledge this important anniversary.

Simon, being a keen cricketer himself as well as being Regional Chairman for The Lord’s Taverners (the cricketing charity), was happy to oblige. So on June 10th, BTL sponsored, with members of the BTL team attending, the event to join in the celebrations of this auspicious occasion.

Yorkshire cricketers also attended the event from previous years as well as the full current squad, coached by former Australian bowler Jason Gillespie. Familiar faces from the past included the likes of Yorkshire and England legends Geoffrey Boycott and Darren Gough. Also in attendance were peers from all parties as well as commons speaker John Bercow.

The event proved to be a great success and BTL were proud to be part of the celebrations.

Mr Adams, in the build up to the event said:

“Yorkshire County Cricket Club is deeply rooted in our county’s cultural and sporting psyche and it is important for our Parliamentarians to recognise and celebrate what has been achieved by the club and by inviting past and present players, it is a way for Parliament to say thank you to the world’s greatest cricket club” 

Earlier this year Backup Technology announced it was one of three companies to partner with Yorkshire Cricket club in 2013. Simon said earlier this year:

“Backup Technology is very proud to become a partner of the club in its 150th Anniversary Year and look forward to participating in the exciting range of events organised throughout the year, with the hope that successful celebrations off the pitch can be matched on the pitch as well.” 

Yorkshire have had a brilliant start to this year’s campaign, currently sitting top of the LV County Championship Division One, and Yorkshire players Tim Bresnan, Jonathan Bairstow and Joe Root currently key members of the England setup. Let’s hope the players and staff can maintain this throughout the season in what is a historic year for YCCC.

Simon and BTL would also like to extend a warm thank you to Nigel for arranging and inviting BTL to sponsor the event. It was a great day and one that will live long in the memory!

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