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Celebs suffer data loss after theft of laptops

Public attention has been turned onto the potential damage that can be caused by the theft of a portable computer, after two celebrities became victims of this crime, losing significant personal data in the process.

Hollywood star Keira Knightly was one of the high profile targets who had reported two laptops taken during a break-in, according to police. Obviously the data stored on these devices could be of significant value to the tabloid press and there are concerns that the criminals will be able to make financial gains from the private information, either via blackmail or direct sale.

This news has come shortly after it was claimed an as yet anonymous pop singer was coerced by criminals, after pictures stored on a stolen laptop were used as leverage.

In this second incident two laptops manufactured by Apple were stolen from the singer, who is said to be internationally renowned, after which images depicting sensitive scenes were used to blackmail the artist.

Data security expert Christ McIntosh, said that thanks to these incidents, public awareness about how criminals who steal laptops are able to exploit the data which they contain, will be increased.

Mr McIntosh pointed out that while most data loss scandals involve public or private sector organisations, these thefts prove that individuals can be just as much at risk from similar catastrophes.

Since many people store financial details, private pictures and personal data on laptops, any exposed computing equipment becomes a target for criminals, valued more than the basic worth of the hardware alone.

Mr McIntosh is insistent that the public has no reason to live in a constant state of fear, but believes there are steps that everyone should take in order to minimise the likelihood of being impacted by data loss or theft.

Password protection, encryption of data and browsing history deletion are just a few of the recommended actions to take, along with a policy of never noting down information relating to banking, so that if a laptop is stolen, it is of little use to the criminals.

The iPhone – a risk to corporate data?

Ralf DeFrangesco is just one of the many commentators who have begun to voice concerns about the security of the iPhone. As many businesses know, the more popular a device or platform the more serious the security risk. In excess of 50 million devices are now able to download one or more of the 85000 applications available in the App store. Apple’s software itself is rife with vulnerabilities and bugs. Only last month Apple released 10 iPhone software patches to plug holes in security. Continue reading

Trojan buried in hoax emails sent from big brands

As long as there are hackers, there will be a need for data protection applications and services. In fact, recent news indicates that hackers are sending fake emails from big brands. So do not be surprised if you encounter any mails from companies like Apple, Google or Starbucks. These emails claim to contain official contracts but in fact they only spread malicious viruses.

The Trojan, if downloaded and opened, infects the user’s PC. Sometimes it even steals personal data in turn causing identity theft. In such times there is only one solution Ė hire a data backup provider with the best of technology. This new age has wondrous data backup devices to offer. Every passing year has something new to offer in terms of data backup services.

There are a plethora of backup solutions compared to conventional mediums (CDís, DVDís, USB devices etc.). In fact online data backups are the latest and the most effective of backing up important data. This amazing form of data backup offers continuous data protection of emails and files. The best part is that the service is available 24/7. Online data backups are even supported by remote backup services.

In fact with so many data backup services, you as a client, can enjoy complete data safety and the liberty to access the same at any given time. As times change so does technology. Hence it is a must that you adapt to changing times and opt for online data backup services in the offering.

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