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Global data usage figures predicted to soar in 2010

The latest statistics suggest another record year for global data output, with a total of 1.2 Zettabytes set to be produced over the course of 2010 by businesses and individuals around the world.

The Interactive Data Corp (IDC) has published this information in a report that asks whether firms are ready to face what it is calling the Digital Universe Decade.

A Zettabyte is the equivalent of a trillion gigabytes, or in current pop culture terms, the same volume of data that could be stored on about 75 billion Apple iPads with 16GB of capacity.

Between 2008 and 2009 the annual global data output grew by 62 per cent, according to IDC. This rate of growth shows no signs of slowing, and to give some perspective, the figures have also been translated into terms that will be comprehensible to social networking fans. 1.2 Zettabytes is equivalent to the volume of data that the entire global population would produce if everyone used Twitter non-stop for a century.

The boom in data storage requirements that will be seen as a result of increased data volumes is believed to mean that in ten years time there will be many more professionals working in the IT industry than there are today. However, this will be a relatively small increase compared to the capacity of the data storage solutions that will exist in a decade, with at least a 62 per cent increase predicted.

The most telling fact noted by IDC is that the global community is already producing 35 per cent more data than there is available storage. This discrepancy is only set to grow, with a 60 per cent overflow rate being predicted within the next few years.

Experts believe that this seemingly insurmountable growth in the data storage requirements of businesses will mean that switching to cloud-based solutions will be the only viable option to maintain effective operation.

IDC says that 80 per cent of the world’s data output is stored by businesses, despite the fact that the creation of 70 per cent of the total annual data can be attributed to individuals. It also says that firms that adopt social media tools for internal use will also bear a greater proportion of this growth as a result.

Meeting the challenge of data management and storage

According to a study on ‘Worldwide Storage as a Service Market – Size and Forecast’, the amount of information that is created, captured, replicated will increase multifold in the next couple of years. IDC report predicts that it would reach a total of 988 exabytes globally.

With a continued and exponential data growth, the challenge of data management has also increased. The key drivers for adoption of various ‘Storage-as-a-Service’ offerings are limited IT resources, inability to employ them for more strategic purposes, and last but not the least, cost savings owing to outsourcing of IT tasks.

“In today’s heightened regulatory requirements globally, not to mention economic pressures, organisations of all sizes are looking for viable alternatives to manage their digital data,” stated program director Storage Software practice of IDC, Laura Dubois.

“With competent Storage-as-a-Service model, business enterprises can store, manage and ably protect their data either as a hosted or on-demand service, thus effectively fulfilling today’s compliance requirements and also ensuring capacity for their future growth. The services provide a higher level of backup and protection to business data.”

There are several service providers for the online storage system, but one has to choose the right one for this critical job.

IDC findings: Asigra is for growth-oriented businesses

Asigra’s agentless design makes it far less intrusive than some of the alternatives available, it has been asserted. This information recovery management platform has also been praised by analyst IDC for its ease and smoothness of implementation as well as lack of intrusion into the existing network infrastructure.

The research analyst for IDC, Krista Collins states:

The platform is so designed to make it easy and cost effective for customers to achieve the regulatory compliance and derive greater benefits from the process of virtualisation.

IDC in its analysis adds that currently the rate of information growth is exponential and that traditional backup systems may not be able to accommodate the fast increasing need for storage in the long term.

However, with technology such as Asigra, the analyst claims that growth-oriented businesses, which were previously ‘drowning in data’, could now find that they are able to ‘keep their heads afloat and above water’.

Backup technology experts in a typical environment install a ‘single agentless Asigra Televaulting DS Client’ on a dedicated device, existing workstation or server. The clients’ software can then discover all servers, laptops, domains and remote sites within their network.

Global spending on storage of data set to grow further

In today’s techno-savvy world, the volume of data in the computer-driven businesses is colossal, and it is growing in leaps and bounds. Internet, e-mails and heavy media-rich applications have contributed to this high volume of data worldwide.

Data growth is as high as 80 % on annual basis as per a conservative estimate by IDC. The data is rightly considered the real asset of a company. No business can afford to lose this vital data without which it will face major problems.

Data protection has taken a centre stage in all the business enterprises. With the increase of data to be restored and Government legislations making backup mandatory, the importance of backup has grown immensely. The processes cannot be ignored anymore.

In fact, most businesses, which rely on computer based technology for conducting business, now need to work effective backup strategies. According to Access Markets International, the global spending on storage of data will grow multi-fold in the next few years. This includes data storage hardware, software and services. It is predicted that there will be a compounded annual growth of 43 % in the coming four years.

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