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Sensitive data lost by RAF bases could put thousands in jeopardy

It was recently revealed that top secret data regarding aircraft systems and overseas missions was lost from Lincolnshire RAF bases at least 17 times in a single year. Also included in the missing information were details of operations outside the UK and military weapons. The missing reports were made to the Ministry of Defence by RAF Coningsby and RAF Waddington.

A report from the ministry stated that the information related to mission data, equipment deployment and trials to other countries as well as data from aircrafts and archived intelligence briefings. These figures were only made known after a Freedom of Information request was submitted to the Government.

A spokesperson from the MoD said that any such data loss incident was regretted and would be treated with great seriousness. This data loss incident is just one of the many extremely serious incidents to have taken place since last year. However, the MoD is taking great steps to improve the security of sensitive and personal data.

One of the required steps companies and agencies are being asked to take is investing in an online data backup to ensure the complete protection of sensitive information. Remote data backups like offsite data backups can help restore information quickly should it get lost or stolen.

Using online data backups is essential for securing vital data

You would think that after reading about the numerous incidents of data loss, people would make better provisions for safeguarding vital information. But it seems like nobody wants to learn from anyone’s mistakes. It was recently made known that the details of about 150 staff from the Ministry of Defence and Met Office were lost after computer equipment was stolen from a locked car.

The office confirmed that the USB drive, personal digital assistant and laptop which were stolen contained many documents and data related to work and was not encrypted. However the MoD insists that the theft will not compromise national security. A spokesperson also said that there was no public personal information on any of the devices.

This is one of many incidents of data loss. Data loss can be disastrous and measures should be taken to secure important data. This can easily be done through online data backup, which is easy and does not take much time. It is necessary for people to realise that data loss can land many innocent people in problems. Whether the data belongs to the public or the staff, creating an online data backup and encrypting it is important. This can help as a disaster recovery solution in cases of data loss or theft.

MoD should try online data backup

The personal details of almost 150 staff of the Met Office and the Ministry of Defence are feared lost after the laptop that they were stored on was stolen from a locked car. The data was stored on the laptop, personal digital assistant and the USB drive and since all of this was unencrypted, it is feared to be lost. This incident is hot on the heels of the data loss incidents that took place last November and is similar to numerous data loss incidents happening in the UK almost every day.

This just goes to show how easy it is for data to be lost. With the advantages of technology comes this disadvantage, where years of work could be lost within a matter of seconds. Conventional storage devices like CDs and DVDs can be broken and scratched, rendering them useless. Other storage devices like hard disks and pen drives are also not damage proof and can be broken easily.

In such a case, the internet provides a backup solution. Now you can back up on the internet in ‘online vaults’. This is a simple procedure and requires you to only have a computer and an internet connection. As your data is backed up every day, in case of an unfortunate incident of data loss, all you need is to download the data and you can start again, without losing any data or time.

MoD data loss could run into millions

There is fear among data security experts that the loss of data at the MoD could be much worse than most of us had earlier thought.

Bob Ainsworth, the Armed Forces minister, told parliament that the missing portable hard drive reported by contractor EDS could have the data of as many as 1.7 million prospective recruits.

This estimate given by Ainsworth is far higher than what was originally stated. Officials had estimated the loss of data to be a mere 100,000 records.

The lost data reportedly includes private details of prospective recruits like bank accounts, national insurance numbers and their next of kin.

Ainsworth said that the problem has been aggravated by the fact the reported missing portable hard drive was unencrypted. This means that anyone having access to that hard drive can get all the records.

The new report would make MPs more infuriated than they were when news of data loss was made public earlier.

Many officials were already asking for new regulations related to data security in the wake of this incident. Many referred to this incident as the reckless approach that the government takes towards personal information of people.

This is just one of the recent incidents of data loss after the loss of three hard drives carrying personal details of more than 50,000 RAF members.

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