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Hundreds of UK Government, School & University Websites Hacked

Hundreds of websites operated by the UK government appear to have been hacked to include links and references to illicit websites selling viagra, hardcore pornography, cialis and other dubious products.


The hacked sites, which include primary schools, universities, the DSA, Forestry Commission and various local government websites and forums, have fallen victim to a variety of exploits including cross site scripting and hackers exploiting loopholes in badly designed and outdated software.

The hacks present considerable danger to innocent members of the public who find these infected web pages via search engines or spam emails. Users trust .gov.uk websites and happily click through to the page only to have their PC infected with spyware or a virus or redirected to a website selling viagra or cialis.

Hackers take advantage of the trust that search engines such as Google place on government websites and by placing a page on these trusted domains can quickly gain top search engine rankings without the effort of creating their own website.

According to Wikipedia Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications which allow code injection by malicious web users into the web pages viewed by other users. Examples of such code include HTML code and client-side scripts. An exploited cross-site scripting vulnerability can be used by attackers to bypass access controls such as the same origin policy. Vulnerabilities of this kind have been exploited to craft powerful phishing attacks and browser exploits. Cross-site scripting carried out on websites were roughly 80% of all documented security vulnerabilities as of 2007. Often during an attack “everything looks fine” to the end-user who may be subject to unauthorized access, theft of sensitive data, and financial loss.

Universities and Schools

The problem doesn’t restrict itself to .gov.uk domains – we found an even bigger issue with .ac.uk websites which are reserved for academic institutions such as universities and colleges. The kind of websites you might happily let your children browse unsupervised.

Perhaps even worse than this is the hacking of primary and secondary school websites which students are actively encouraged to visit. We found that over 30 domains had been infected with content that could direct children away from the safety of a school site to a third party site owned by the hacker. This could host spyware and all manner of adult content.

Action needs to be taken

All the issues discussed in this article are caused by the websites in question running insecure and badly designed software. Hackers will always try to exploit vulnerable websites and by leaving gaping holes in their security the administrators of the sites discussed are leaving themselves open to lawsuits and some very upset internet users.

How long before somebody has malware installed on their PC via one of these infected websites and sues the government for damages? A corrupted PC can be costly in terms of the time required to fix it not to mention the data which could be lost.

How to see the hacked pages

We have included numerous screenshots of the infected pages below – you can see them for yourself by performing the following search queries similar to the ones below on Google.

The hackers quite often make the text invisible on the page so you may need to click on the “Cached” link offered in the Google results and then the “Text-only version” of the cached page. An example is here.

More examples



Trojan buried in hoax emails sent from big brands

As long as there are hackers, there will be a need for data protection applications and services. In fact, recent news indicates that hackers are sending fake emails from big brands. So do not be surprised if you encounter any mails from companies like Apple, Google or Starbucks. These emails claim to contain official contracts but in fact they only spread malicious viruses.

The Trojan, if downloaded and opened, infects the user’s PC. Sometimes it even steals personal data in turn causing identity theft. In such times there is only one solution – hire a data backup provider with the best of technology. This new age has wondrous data backup devices to offer. Every passing year has something new to offer in terms of data backup services.

There are a plethora of backup solutions compared to conventional mediums (CD’s, DVD’s, USB devices etc.). In fact online data backups are the latest and the most effective of backing up important data. This amazing form of data backup offers continuous data protection of emails and files. The best part is that the service is available 24/7. Online data backups are even supported by remote backup services.

In fact with so many data backup services, you as a client, can enjoy complete data safety and the liberty to access the same at any given time. As times change so does technology. Hence it is a must that you adapt to changing times and opt for online data backup services in the offering.

Online backup is a must for securing data

Research has revealed that over the years, there has been a considerable increase in the number people using computers and the amount of data stored on computers. Almost 46 million of them have lost data due to theft or system crashes. The “State of Internet Security: Protecting Your Digital Life” report conducted by Webroot has revealed that since PC’s were vulnerable to hardware failure, software corruption or human error, data loss was common and hence left many organizations vulnerable.

According to Senior Vice President of Webroot, Paul Lipman, their research has shown that almost 90 people experienced data loss per minute last year and since computers focus on storing data rather than protecting it, necessary steps must be taken to protect data.

Conventional storage devices like CD’s, DVD’s or hard disks are not the answer since they are also vulnerable to physical damage and loss. They can be stolen or lost easily leading to the loss of a vast amount of valuable data.

Companies have recognised this problem in data storage and have set up online backups. All you need is a computer and a decent Internet connection.

You can open an account on the required website and store all your data in an ‘online vault’. As your data is backed up and updated every day, you can be sure that in case of data loss, all you would need to do is simply download the files and restore your data within minutes.

Disaster recovery services protect your business

It can be a shocking experience to lose important data from your PC. Therefore, to be on the safe side you should always secure your data with a disaster recovery service. A disaster recovery service ensures that your data is safe and you can deal with any kind of emergency. You can get a duplicate copy of your site storage, content back up options and enhanced data restore capabilities through a disaster recovery service.

Ethernet, VPN connections and customer data over the internet can easily be secured by disaster recovery solutions. Your lost data can be instantly restored to offsite data storage facilities via a user friendly web interface. Your data can be transferred to any recovery site through the internet.

A disaster recovery service safeguards your business against any disasters and hence holds real value for your business. It also ensures the highest level of data protection. The entire data backup and data recovery process is automated. To back up a large file, disaster recovery service could take several minutes.

A disaster recovery service provides you with technical support for your data. One of the most important benefits of a disaster recovery service is that you only pay for the resources you use. Hence, a disaster recovery service can play an important role in getting your data back in case of any kind of emergencies. This is why every business whether big or small must have a disaster recovery plan.

Why should you prefer online data backup to local data backup?

Today many of us use computers and have some vital data stored in our computers. This vital data can be anything from photos, documents, files, music or movies. Losing our valuable data by any means is a horrible nightmare that you would never want to go through. The data stored in our computer’s hard disk does not have full protection nor offer recovery of data.

The most common option that people use is local backup.

Local backup includes:

1. Internal hard drive
2. External hard drive
4. Local network backup
5. USB drives

These types of backup media are very handy and easy to use, but this is only a secondary backup solution.

There are many disadvantages to having this type of data backup. In case of a system or hard disk crash, your data will be completely lost. The data is also under threat in the event of theft or a fire.

The best option is online data backup. The data is stored offsite in a remote location on the online data backup company’s server. The data can be backed up automatically at a particular time. The online data backup system allows you to store unlimited data on the server. Your data is not affected in the event of a problem with your PC. The data stored on the company’s server is secure as it is stored in an encrypted form.

Online data backup offers complete recovery of your data

Online data backup service offers excellent data security and provides the best backup software available. You can choose from full system backups or selected data backup. Full system backup will ensure that the system and data files are backed up on a regular basis. Thus it will provide a full system recovery in the event of computer failure.

Selected data backup will automatically select all of your important data files for you but it will not backup your program files. The data service can be customised by user so that the additional files, files types and directories can also be included.

To ensure security of your data, all the files are encrypted by the computer before they are sent off to the data centre. You can backup the data automatically on a scheduled time every day. It can be initiated by the user and can be configured to work in the background whenever your computer is connected to the internet.

Backing up your data does not take much time you can even back up your data if you have dial up connection. Online data backup also has a feature in which you can roll back your PC configuration to a selected date in the past. This feature restores the operation in case of software configuration errors, viruses and other problems that cannot be repaired easily.

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