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Steps and solutions for data recovery

Disaster, like sudden data loss, can strike anytime and give a business owner a rather nasty surprise. Such events take place without giving us any time to think. Data loss for any business owner is usually devastating, unpredictable and can cause lots of stress in recovering the data, which may even be lost permanently.

When budding businesses set up their organisational structure, they often do not take into account uninvited disasters and take little or no steps in avoiding such data loss to occur. There is hardly any planning for data recovery. The daily routine of saving files and information is the normal procedure of many organisations and personal PC users too. But things like taking some measures towards data recovery just in case of data loss are generally ignored.

There are some effective measures towards data recovery planning. One among them, Asigra agentless architecture, protects all your data types with little investment. Asigra scheduled and automatic backups make sure continuous protection round the clock. The restores are fast, smooth and easily manageable. Importantly, Asigra processing, compression and duplication reduce network traffic congestion.

Retrieval of your lost data data recovery process

Many people having personal computers are addicted to the Internet. Most net-savvy users are also familiar with the techniques protecting their computers against virus attacks thereby installing anti-virus programs for security reason. However, there is no guarantee that your PC will be foolproof. It is exactly the same for businesses.

The hard drive recovery is the process of recovering lost files, fixing corrupt hard drives and finding lost data. When a regular user deletes his or her information and empties the recycle bin, one is unaware of the fact that the PC has not completely erased out the data. It has kept those deleted messages in some part of the hard drive, which may be retrieved or may get overwritten at a later stage.

Data recovery helps the user or business to get back their lost information. The crashing of a hard drive may make you think that you have lost all your valuable information for ever. But this is not the case! With the help of an experienced PC expert, one can retrieve their files back in order. However, as mentioned earlier, old files deleted before the hard disk crash are also retrieved in the process.

For businesses, the problem is much more complex. Remote or online data back up is important, because the data must be protected not only from user error or hard drive crashes but from larger problems such as fire or flood.

Securing your data online

Most traditional backup systems do a good job of archiving data but they do very little in actually securing your data. A CD, DVD, Tape and Zip cartridge can be easily misplaced and stolen and if by chance they get into the wrong hands, your business security and important data can be compromised.

Online data backup does not suffer from any such issues. Online data backup secures your data through a combination of:

  • Data encryption
  • Physical securities and
  • Network protection

Data encryption
Before you leave your computer, all the valuable data of your PC is backed up. If you deploy military grade encryption then it becomes impossible for anyone to read your data. Your data is completely protected 24/7.

Network protection
Your data is fully secured and protected even when it is being backed up. There is no chance of your data being hacked or stolen. The data encryption ensures that no one gets access to your data. The operating system software is mirrored on 2 hard disk drives that have a very high speed. The encrypted data is stored in the storage array that has a hot standby disk drive that gets automatically activated if the primary hard disk fails.

Physical security
The servers of the online backup facility are collocated with a carrier grade data centre facility. This makes your data extremely secure. Even if the entire site goes down, your data would be secured at a remote location.

Data can be retrieved with ease if the hard drive crashes

Along with the advantage offered by the Internet in running a business across geographic regions, there are some pertinent issues of backing up files and important data that have become equally critical.

When a hard disk crashes, it may not be a critical case, as many PC users tend to think so; data recovery is very much possible. Most of the data recovery issues can be resolved in case of hard drive problems. The hard disk can be restored, which will bring back all the lost data. If you discover some bad sectors in the master boot, using the software for hard drive recovery, you can retrieve most of your lost data. If one hears a clicking sound from the hard drive, when it is moving up and down, this is surely a mechanical issue.

In case of hard drive problems, it is advisable to approach an expert because usually only an expert will be able to analyse the problem. After all, these are electronic gadgets. If not handled with proper care and attention, they may well crash. The users may end up losing all their valuable information.

Defining logistics of Online Backup of Computer Data

Online backup of data is an offsite data storage in which folders, files or all the contents in the hard drive are stored in a remote server with network connectivity. During disaster recovery this offsite backup becomes very crucial for any business to spring back to life.

This system of online storage or backup of data almost practically removes the risk of data loss in case of disaster due to fire, theft or man made or natural disasters. However, continuous or periodic backup is necessary.

Thanks to online backup, data in the original computer can be easily accessed anywhere by using a PC with high-speed internet connection and a web browser interface. To ensure privacy and security, one must resort to encryption and password protection.

The easy and economical choice of many individuals and even firms is seeking back up of data with CD or DVD. Some also use tape, flash drives or the external hard drives. Many, however, do not realise that unless the stored data is kept safe offsite, the chances of losing it are very high. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry!

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