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BTL Launches V2.0 of Free Online Backup for WordPress Plugin

Backup Technology, world leaders in fully managed online backup and disaster recovery services, have released version 2.0 of their free  Online Backup for WordPress Plugin. The plugin was originally created when there were no automated online backup services for WordPress with the aim of increasing data security for businesses and bloggers.  The plugin has been updated based on user feedback and comments and it is now much more flexible, comprehensive and user friendly and offers an increased free storage quota from 50MB to 100MB.

‘Wordpress is used by over 14% of the world’s top websites, yet we found that companies were not backing up their websites effectively.’ said Ritchie Fiddes, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing of Backup Technology.

Building on the previous version which backed up settings, pages, posts and comments, users can now also back up media, attachments, themes and plugins.  It works by initially conducting a full backup of the site and thereafter periodically searching and updating any changed files.  Furthermore, the user interface has been simplified and it is now possible to track a site’s full backup history.  As before, all backups are fully compressed and encrypted and multiple WordPress sites can now be backed up to a single backup account.

“The growing concern amongst internet users over online security has meant that this is certainly a much needed free service.  With more than 21,000 downloads of version 1, we believe that the new features and increased storage will be even more popular’ said Fiddes.

Blogging is a big business with Technorati logging 133 billion blogs since 2002.  However, the majority of sites are left unprotected because the sites are only as safe as their web host.  86% of today’s active bloggers have been blogging for over a year and for all the time and financial investment, only a small percentage of these blogs are actually backed up.

To obtain your free plugin with 100 MB of free space visit http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wponlinebackup/


For press enquiries, please contact:

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Editor’s Notes

About Backup Technology
Backup Technology Limited is one of the world’s leading providers of fully managed online backup and disaster recovery solutions. With offices in both Leeds, UK and Houston, US, Backup Technology protect over 6 Petabytes of data for companies with data sizes between 50GB and over 100TB in their European and US data centres.  Working with clients across all industry sectors, Backup Technology’s impressive portfolio of customers includes LK Bennett, The British Red Cross, Liverpool Football Club, The Government Offices, Cheshire Police, Lloyds Register and Masterlock.

Find us on Twitter @backuptech or online at: www.backup-technology.com


Backup Technology and Terian Solutions Merge

Leeds, UK and Houston, TX, Thursday 9th December 2010

Backup Technology Limited and Terian Solutions LLC announced today at the Gartner Data Centre Conference Las Vegas, the completion of a merger to create the world’s largest managed Online Backup and Disaster Recovery specialist

The combined entity will retain the Backup Technology name and brand to build on its existing international presence. The partnership means that Backup Technology now protect over 5 petabytes of data for a global customer base which includes The Red Cross,  Master Lock, Liverpool Football Club, Energy XXI and the UK Government Offices.

The merger is expected to significantly increase adoption of Backup Technology’s services in the United States and Europe by allowing multinational organizations to utilize a single centralized Backup and Recovery solution and choose if their encrypted data should reside in European or US Data Center’s. This approach ensures that Backup Technology customers are compliant with European and US Data Protection and Data Retention Regulations such as FIPS-140, Sarbanes Oxley, and PCI- DSS as their data will always reside within their chosen territory.

[pullquote]”Our companies have been working together since 2007 on international joint ventures to ensure that our customer’s data is effectively managed and supported. This led to our hardware and software platforms being identically aligned, which is crucial as it now means that all customers can continue to enjoy the same software and service without migrating any data to a new solution.”

Simon Chappell – Backup Technology CEO


Backup Technology and Terian utilise the market leading Asigra Cloud Backup software and both companies had achieved Asigra’s highest level of partnership, 3D Hybrid.  Backup Technology is now the only organisation in the world that can boast 3D Hybrid Partner Status in Europe and the USA, this accreditation allows the company to provide Public Cloud Backup Services, Private Cloud Backup Solutions and Cloud Backup Services and Support for Resellers and Partners.

[pullquote]“I am delighted that two of our most experienced and successful partners have merged to offer Asigra services and solutions globally. Having worked with Backup Technology and Terian since 2004 I am convinced that the combined strength of this partnership will ensure that they are successful in their new venture.”

David Farajun CEO, Asigra Inc


The new organisation will continue to operate from its existing offices and datacenters, with the European head office in Leeds, UK and Data Centers in Manchester and London. The US head office will remain in Houston, TX along with Data Centers in Texas and New York.

[pullquote]”Both our customer service and the technology we deploy to support our high standard of service are remarkably similar. Since we both built our services on the Asigra Cloud Backup software, BlueArc storage and VMware Virtual Disaster Recovery Platform, we can seamlessly offer the same services to multinational clients.”

Mike Colesante – Backup Technology VP US Sales


Both Backup Technology and Terian are among the few backup service providers that truly manage the day-to-day backup and recovery requirements of their clients.  In reality, most backup companies merely provide their customers with space in a vault and reactive support.  This approach leaves the day-to-day burden of backup and recovery squarely on the shoulders of the often overworked and understaffed enterprise IT departments.

[pullquote]“Our complete managed, outsourced service allows us to reduce backup and disaster recovery budgets whilst also providing significantly improved Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives.  Combining the infrastructure and talents of both company’s employees will allow us to work with even more global household name customers.”

Ritchie Fiddes – Backup Technology EVP of Sales & Marketing


Backup Technology provides 24/7 support for customers and monitors all elements of their infrastructure around the clock. This level of service is fundamental as it means that issues are instantly identified and resolved to ensure that all backup activities complete.

[pullquote]“There is no question that there are huge benefits and efficiencies in being able to share the 24/7 monitoring and support of our internal infrastructure between the UK and US. It is critical however that customer support is serviced locally to ensure the continuity of service that only comes from knowing our customer’s and their networks individually.”

Chris Powell – Backup Technology EVP of Technology


The integration of both organisation’s has already been completed to ensure a consistent customer experience, and clients in the US are already benefiting from being able to utilise the organization’s bespoke monitoring portal which was developed in the UK.

[pullquote]“In terms of integration, we’ve been working together for so long and leveraging the same technology, it is fair to say that the integration was almost complete before the paperwork. The portal has been a great addition to our offering in the US as it provides complete visibility of the success of each backup job which gives our customers total peace of mind.”

Ron Pollvogt – Backup Technology VP US Technology


EU to enter talks with US over data sharing and privacy protection

Talks which will determine the way in which private data is handled and secured by the European Union (EU) and the US, in the fight against international organised crime and terrorism, are set to begin.

The procession towards the talks was put in motion by the European Commission (EC) back in May this year and the goal is to ensure that the storage, transfer and use of data enacted as part of the collaborative partnership, will be secure and respectful of basic rights.

While the authorities from many international countries will gain access to various types of data, more power will be given to individual citizens within the EU, allowing people to access any data which relates to them and delete entries after a given time period, to help protect their privacy without compromising national security.

VP of the EC Viviane Reding said that EU citizens have a right to see that their personal data is properly secured. She also explained that now the negotiations can get underway and the EU will do its best to ensure that the cooperation with the US does not directly contravene any of these basic rights relating to personal data.

This week the first leg of talks will begin in Washington. It was the September 11th attacks of 2001 which meant that the US and EU collaborated more closely on sharing data to fight terrorism, but recently a campaign to better protect the rights of individuals in relation to this sharing, meant that the EU has sought to redress the way in which US agencies can access and use this data.

The EC said that it hopes to unify the way in which data is protected on both sides of the Atlantic and make sure that EU inhabitants will be able to take action based on the regulations relating to data protection wherever their personal information is stored and used.

The talks will be a step in the right direction, but the EC has said that each data transfer will be treated individually and require a specific legal basis in each case.

Leaked evidence hints that Chinese authorities hacked Google

The international furore surrounding the publishing of secret diplomatic communications by whistleblowing site Wikileaks, has revealed that Google is thought to have been hacked by the Chinese government earlier in the year, resulting in the ensuing face-off between the world’s largest country and the search giant.

Media outlets from around the world, including the Guardian in the UK and the New York Times in the US, were provided with a quarter of a million messages sent between American diplomats and among the thousands of revelations which have been subsequently made public, the direct hacking of Google by a government is one of the most significant for the IT security sector.

According to reports, it was the Politburo within China that ordered the attacks on Google. Information relating to the hacks was passed to a US ambassador at the start of the year by an anonymous contact from within China.

The Chinese government allegedly orchestrated the attacks with the help of various groups, including hackers who had been put onto the payroll of the ruling party in order to do the most damage to perceived threats.

The leaked documents show that China has been actively hacking into systems operated by other nations, as well as those of private companies, for eight years.

Google went public with news of the hack back in January, although the hack itself took place almost a year ago in December 2009. This resulted in a stand-off during which the firm threatened to withdraw from China altogether, superficially over complaints relating to its unwillingness to filter search results in line with the wishes of authorities.

Upon the publication of the diplomatic messages on Wikileaks the site reported that it was being hit by a massive distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), although observers have pointed out that the significant international interest in this information might have had the same impact upon its servers as a deliberate assault.

The leakage of this vast amount of sensitive data has been condemned by many international governments and the US was already working on damage control before the publication took place.

Businesses at risk from updated data harvesting malware

Security experts have discovered that a new strain of the Bugat malware has been developed by cybercriminals to target small and medium sized businesses with data theft attacks that can leave them exposed to financial fraud.

Bugat was originally unearthed in early 2010 and was noteworthy for its similarity to the ZeuS botnet tools. However, thanks to swift action by security firms, it was neutralised before it could get a foothold.

Now it seems that criminals have revived Bugat but altered its coding so that it is much harder to detect its presence and neutralise its effects. The result is a serious threat to businesses and Trusteer has even found links between the malware and the recent spate of attacks against users of business-based social networking site LinkedIn.

If the Bugat malware makes its way onto a computer it is able to burrow into any web browser programs, including Internet Explorer and Firefox. From here it will monitor the browsing habits and then harvest data whenever the user accesses their online banking service, passing on this extremely sensitive and valuable information to be used in defrauding firms.

Trusteer believes that significant losses could result from this new form of the Bugat malware. It also says that the chance of infection is three times higher for businesses based in the US, but warns that European businesses should still remain vigilant in order to keep completely out of harm’s way.

Trusteer’s Mickey Boodaei said that by altering and ameliorating the capabilities of malware such as Bugat and ZeuS, the cybercriminal factions are becoming better at evading the protection offered by security software.

Mr Boodaei even went as far as to call the battle with criminals an ‘arms race’ and said that the latest tactics seemed to suggest that many are abandoning the use of mainstream, well known malware, in favour of more uncommon variants, which gives them a higher chance of successs.

The data harvesting carried out by various botnets and malware programs is seen as a serious issue by most and businesses are advised to keep their security software up to date in order to stand the best chance of avoiding infection.

Businesses failing to fund system security improvements, survey finds

A new study has found that most businesses around the world are unprepared for attacks from cybercriminals, despite the fact that most are well aware of the heightened risks facing unprotected businesses in the current climate.

Vistrom sought the help of the Ponemon Institute in order to conduct this survey and it concluded that, although the growing number of attacks which manage to breach security and compromise the integrity of data, only around 33 per cent have actually upped their investment in protection and preventative measures. Meanwhile half of respondents said that they were aware that their current funding could not cope with the increased risks and complex attacks.

Thirty eight per cent of European organisations said that they had reason to suspect that a cyber attack levelled against them by a foreign nation had already occurred, which compares relatively favourably to the 56 per cent of US firms who expressed this feeling.

The threat of cyber attacks against governments is also playing on the minds of those in business, with 60 per cent of European respondents saying that they expected a major incident to occur within two years. Seventy eight per cent of US firms attest to this opinion.

Almost 90 per cent of those questioned said that isolating and identifying cyber attacks is incredibly hard and a comparable number said that fixing the issues they cause in a timely manner is also taxing.

Security expert, Dan Turner, said that it was widely recognised amongst businesses that there was a need to ameliorate the security systems which protect against data theft and cyber attack. He went on to explain that it was equally true that many businesses lack the resources to adequately arm themselves against invasive infiltration by criminals or international espionage operations.

This is clearly a significant and widespread issue throughout the business world and the public sector and many vendors are working hard to make it easier for firms to shore up their defences, without increasing their overall IT spending.

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