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Why should you subscribe for an online data backup solution?

Today many people use computers for personal as well as for business use. Everyone has some important data stored in computers. Losing valuable data can be disastrous to us in many ways. If the computers are used for business purposes, there are many important files, bills and even your client database. Losing this data can bring down a business completely.

There are many storage media for having local data backup like CDs, DVDs, tape drives, USB drives and so forth, but they are not completely reliable. These devices can fail to work at any point of time. Many computer users prefer online data backup technology for protecting their important data.

Benefits of online data backup:

Protection of your valuable data

If you are using online data backup, then you do not have to worry about losing your valuable data. The data is first compressed and then encrypted before being saved on the server. This makes the data stored on the online data backup companyís server completely safe and secure.

Accessible around the clock

Using online data backup services lets you access your data whenever you want and it can also be accessed from anywhere.

Quick share

You can share your data with your family, friends, and also with your business clients with ease.

Why should you prefer online data backup to local data backup?

Today many of us use computers and have some vital data stored in our computers. This vital data can be anything from photos, documents, files, music or movies. Losing our valuable data by any means is a horrible nightmare that you would never want to go through. The data stored in our computerís hard disk does not have full protection nor offer recovery of data.

The most common option that people use is local backup.

Local backup includes:

1. Internal hard drive
2. External hard drive
4. Local network backup
5. USB drives

These types of backup media are very handy and easy to use, but this is only a secondary backup solution.

There are many disadvantages to having this type of data backup. In case of a system or hard disk crash, your data will be completely lost. The data is also under threat in the event of theft or a fire.

The best option is online data backup. The data is stored offsite in a remote location on the online data backup companyís server. The data can be backed up automatically at a particular time. The online data backup system allows you to store unlimited data on the server. Your data is not affected in the event of a problem with your PC. The data stored on the companyís server is secure as it is stored in an encrypted form.

Online data backup services for safety and security

Computers have become an essential part of our lives. Businesses have become places that cannot operate without computer systems. Businesses information about customers, clients, products and services are stored in computers and loss of that data can cause the business a huge loss. All businesses should have a backup system, as data loss can even lead to a loss of clients. Online data backup is the best solution as it allows you to back up your data on a regular basis.

There are different types of data backup plans, but whichever you select, always back up your data at least once a week. The traditional forms of storing data, on hard drives, USB drives, CDs and DVDs, are not as reliable as online data storage. These forms of data storage can easily get corrupted or lost. With online data storage you can always store your information safely and securely and you can access your data whenever you want from anywhere in the world.

Online data backup services let you share data with business clients. All your data can be shared with the person you wish to share it with and no-one else.

Online data backup all set to become the next big thing in backup technology

Online data backup is the next generation in backup technology allowing you to store all your data offsite, replacing traditional methods of storing data. Traditional methods of backing up data include using CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, Zip drives and USB drives. With the help of online backup technology, you can not only store a few files and folders but the complete content of your hard disk onto a server which is located at a remote place.

Online data backup technology can protect you from permanently losing your valuable data. You could lose crucial data due to many reasons like from fire, floods or a system crash. In such situations, recovering data is not always possible. Many people store their data on traditional devices like CDs or DVDs, but even these are not completely reliable. Sometimes the CDs and DVDs show read errors and at such times recovering the data isnít possible.

Recovering data through traditional means can take several hours. With the help of online data backup technology, data recovery can be done very quickly within a few minutes.

Online backup technology is the most efficient and cost effective way to keep your data safe and is very secure. The data stored in the remote server is in an encrypted form and is locked with a password which makes it extremely safe. Online data backup can be used for individuals as well as for commercial purposes.

Your system backup is just a click away

Whether you use computers for your home or office work, if you lose your data, it can be a very big problem for you. You need some way of protecting your data from permanent loss. The best option available for you is online data backup. There are several online data backup plans available. Whichever plan you choose, you must back up your data at least once every week.

Traditional methods of storing data on hard drives, USB drives, CDs and DVDs are not very reliable compared to online data storage as they can become corrupted after some time. With online data storage, you can always store your data securely and safely. You get access to your data whenever you want from any corner of the world. Some of the advantages of the online data backup are:

24-7 accessibility
If you use online data backup service, you can access the data from anywhere. You can sit at your home and access your business data simply by logging in to the site.

Quick sharing
Online data back-up service allows you to share your data with business clientele and also with your friends and family. You can share everything that you have stored whether it is pictures, audio files or word documents.

You should take care while choosing a password for your online data backup service. Always avoid choosing passwords like birth date, state or city name, family personís name etc.

Conventional and new-age backup systems

The conventional mediums of data backup systems, such as CDs, DVDs, and USB devices are effective in storing data in their own way. However, they have each got their own limitations, especially when it comes to storing hi-end, bulk data, these conventional backup devices fall short. The flipside with conventional data storage devices is that they can be misplaced or stolen.

Indeed, in the case of physical storage devices you always carry the risk of losing or misplacing them as well as the persistent fear of the data becoming corrupted. This is where online data backup systems come into play.

With online data backup systems, there are no such worries since you are assured that your information is saved on the most secured and sturdy servers Ė literally inaccessible to hackers. The best part is that there is no storage limitation so these systems provide a perfect opportunity to store as much data as you want in the most systematic manner.

Data can be backed up regularly and automatically, without human intervention so if anything happens, your data can be restored in a matter of minutes.

Fast evolving online backup systems allow you to dedicate your time to core business issues than worrying about the security of your business data.

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