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Online backup for complete data security

Computers have become vital in today’s age. Almost every business is in some way or the other connected with computers. Many of us have experienced that situation where you were just about to finish with your computer work and the computer crashed or the power went off. Companies often have traditional data backup, but they cannot protect the business completely.

In today’s age where floods and terrorist attacks have become an all too real risk, where hackers continually disrupt your work, where viruses run amok, it becomes important for you to maintain and keep a more reliable source of data backup.

Take for example the case of data loss at the Ministry of Defence in which more than 1.7 million records were lost. This just highlights how vulnerable and unsafe data stored on hard drives and other hardware is. Though this data may be password protected and combined with other defences, being able to access that same data quickly and safely is important.

To secure data, one of the best and the most effective ways of storing data safely is to store it online.

Online backup has been gaining popularity for the security and peace of mind that it provides. Online backup helps to minimise data loss through a secure data backup at a remote location. The data can be accessed from anywhere through the internet by using a user ID and password.

Use an online data backup service and keep your data safe

Many of us use computers. There is often a lot of precious data stored in our computers. Losing our valuable data by any means is the worst nightmare. One can use different types of external media to backup data. Some of the known media are CDs, DVDs, tape drives, USB drives, external hard drives and there are more. These are the traditional mediums for backup of valuable data.

With advances in science and technology, we require something that is more convenient, efficient and reliable to secure our data. One such innovation is online data backup and online data storage. It is also referred to as remote data backup technology. In this process your data is stored offsite on the company’s server.

The data that you can store on the online data backup company’s server can be anything from music, movies, files and photos to customer or client confidential information. The data stored on the company’s server is safe and secure. When the data leaves your computer is encrypted and then stored in the backup server. You will also be provided with a user ID and a password, to access your data from anywhere in the world.

Some of the advantages of online data backup service are as follows:

•    You can backup and access your data any time. It is recommended that you should backup the data every day.
•    Data is stored very securely and does not get affected by any server or system crash.
•    It is a very cost effective, convenient and easy to use service.

Importance of data backup and disaster recovery

Computer data is very important, irrespective of whether you have a large investment firm or a small retail store. Now, as our technology is advancing day-by-day, the computer data that we have has become essential. Many businesses do not have a secure backup solution to keep their important files safe.

Computers are machines and sometimes they break. There can be many causes, like a virus, a failure in the hardware, or a system crash. If important data is lost many companies could lose a large amount of money. This happens to some companies every year.

If important company data is lost, it creates a lot of headaches. They say that prevention is better than cure, so in order to avoid such a bad situation it is always advisable to have important data backed up.

The most common reason for data loss is hard disk failure. If at such time you have a subscription to a data storage plan, you can back up the data on the data backup company’s website, which you can recover when needed. Saving the backup copy on the company’s server is totally secure and you can access the data from anywhere in the world with the help of a user ID and password. In the event of a crash, the data can be recovered from the company’s website in minutes.

Online data backup services

If you lose valuable data relating to your business, it may lead to lost profits, lost customers, productivity setbacks and headaches for everyone. The business world today is dependent on technology and hence online data backup services play an important role.

Online data backup services save your data from any natural calamity and are therefore gaining popularity. You will not need to take backups home as online backup is completely automated. You will come to know whether the backup was successful or not via a daily email report. Only you can access the system with your user ID and password as the backup system is encrypted.

If you back up regularly, you will be able to focus on your work as you have secured your data via a reliable and effective method. Compared to traditional methods of saving data, online backups prove to be cheaper and faster. Backup methods like CDs, DVDs, tapes, Zip drives or an external hard disk have no advantages over online data backups.

You can instantly access your data at the online storage website. Online storage websites are very safe. They are far safer than tapes, which could be seen by anyone.

Online backup solutions revolutionise the way we back up our data

If you own a computer and use it for your business or for office purposes, then it is very important that you protect your valuable data from things like viruses or a corrupt hard drive. Although you can store your data regularly in a Zip drive or on CDs and DVDs, even these are not reliable sources as they can get lost or corrupted very easily.

It may be a costly loss for business owners if they lose their valuable data containing client information. The best option for storing the data, so that you never have to face data loss, is via online data backup. Online data backup is the best method of storing data. In the event that you lose data because of an unfortunate event, you can get all your data back with the help of online data backup services.

Online data backup companies store your data safely and getting data back from their server is very quick and easy.

Data files like tax statements, financial statements, personal files and pictures are very important for individuals. Backing up the data is not a time consuming process and it saves you lots of time, money and energy.

There are simple backup solutions so that you can access your files from any computer around the globe by logging on to the online data storage company’s website with your ID and password.

Online backup of data to secure your files

Data backup means making copies of data that you have. If you do not have additional space then you can store your data online and free up your hard disk space. The additional copies that you store online or in any other device are known as data backup.  Generally backup is used for two things: the first is to restore data or disaster recovery and other is restoring small numbers of files after they have been deleted accidentally or if they are corrupted.

Managing the backup process and organising the storage space is a complicated undertaking. The data repository model is used to provide structure to the storage. There are different types of data storage devices that are useful for keeping a backup of the data. The best way of storing the data is online as you do not need any external storage device for it. The entire online data backup process is automated and you just need a login ID and password to access your backed up data from anywhere in the world through the internet. The data is encrypted while it is being transferred online line through latest encryption data technology. This way, your data remains safe and secure online.

Online backup is completely different from the archives as archives are the primary copy of the data and the backups are the secondary copy of the data. Online data storage and data backup is the most flexible type of data storage and backup method when compared to other methods.

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