2011 Cyber Security Strategy Released

The UK government have re-evaluated their 2009 cyber security strategy and have released an up to date version.

As the number of cybercrime attacks that have been reported has increased dramatically within the last decade; having an effective cyber security strategy in place has become more important. Hackers have become more sophisticated with their methods which have magnified the weaknesses in company’s cyber security infrastructure. They have successfully targeted businesses of all sizes, from multinational corporations to small and medium sized enterprises. The new cyber security strategy builds on what has been learnt from the 2009 strategy and will help to improve Whitehall’s understanding of cybercrime, and how it is best to protect British businesses.

If the main objectives of this strategy are to be met, it is vital that a close working partnership between the public and private sectors is established. This has been acknowledged in a report released by Chatham House which emphasises the need for key decision makers to be willing to cooperate with each other, and to be aware of the threats that they are facing.

Another key challenge that the government faces is establishing the correct balance between implementing more vigorous regulations and standards whilst encouraging entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world to start trading in the UK.

Whitehall have recognised the main problems that they face and have already started to trial potential solutions to see how well they can be implemented, and how effective they could be. A new initiative that is set to be trialled for a three month period will cover the following business sectors: Defence, finance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and energy.

This new initiative will aim to exchange “actionable information on cyber threats, analyse new trends and strengthen and link up collective cyber security capabilities.” This strategy has been designed to support other independent strategies that have already been implemented and seen as a success. Such strategies include Get Safe Online which attempts to raise awareness of internet safety issues, and Cyber Security Challenge UK which aims to attract more talented people into the Cyber Security Profession.

One of the main initiatives of the cyber security strategy is to set up a “national cyber-crime capability as part of the new National Crime Agency by 2013.” Another key initiative is to create a “single reporting system for citizens and small businesses to report cyber-crime” by the end of 2011.

The new cyber security strategy is an improvement from the previous one that was released in 2009 and demonstrates a more forward thinking approach in helping to protect businesses operating in the UK.

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