Real Time Transaction Monitoring in the Cloud

Critical ‘business-events’ are actions performed by the business. The transactions between two independent entities entering into an agreement to exchange items of value — such as purchase or sale of goods — are recorded as business transactions. Accuracy, integrity and accessibility of this information in real time are of immense importance to the business. How does the cloud make this possible?

A typical enterprise application provisions for the storage and access of transaction information in a database. However, in most enterprises, the database integrity is compromised in several ways. Multiple application programs may connect to a single database for commitment of information. Database locks generated by one application may prevent the updates initiated by other application resulting in data loss. Power shutdowns may result in a failure to commit information to the database. Consequently, the accuracy, currency and reliability of information may be questionable.

Cloud-based database applications are ‘uniform’ constructs. The client application and the web browser based applications are alternate versions of the same software constructed with the same business logic. In most instances, all functions that are available in the client-based version of the software are available in the web version of the software. They do not perform any operations or actions that will compromise the integrity of the database at any point in time. The transaction database will remain consistent, accurate, reliable and current at all times.

Real time transaction processing in the cloud will emulate the business transaction. The application will register the start of the transaction, and will identify the appropriate tables that need to be updated. It will also perform the update, record the update in the log, and then commit the transaction to the database. If even one of these steps fails, an alert will be generated and the failure will be registered in the log. If a rollback settings option has been selected, the database will be rolled back to the pre-transaction stage and an alert will be sent to the user.

IT personnel needs a coherent and reliable means of recording real time transactions in the cloud. Our software constructs for the client and the web make sure that your data remains consistent and integrated at all times. The software allows correct recovery from failures with rollback of database to original pre-transaction state. Users can choose to record all database activities on the log and to be alerted immediately if a transaction fails to complete.

Run your business without boundaries confident that Backup Technology, Powered by Asigra, can meet the ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) test of real time transaction processing head on!

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