Smartphones and the Cloud – A Marriage Made in Heaven

Smartphones and other hand held devices and the cloud were made for each other. In fact, one of the advantages of the cloud is its ability to make hand held devices even more useful and efficient. The mobility of such mobile devices and the capacity of cloud storage are a marriage made in heaven.

There are a variety of ways in which the cloud can maximise the effectiveness of hand held devices. Smartphone users are constantly on the move, but the cloud is static, and can be accessed anytime — whenever; and wherever the user is. The cloud provides the mobile user with a home base for their data while they are on the road as they can connect directly to a remote service to upload or download information. Data can be accessed immediately whenever and wherever it is needed. All the mobility user needs is a mobile device and Internet connectivity, which will make it possible for them to access a cloud based service, and retrieve and/or upload their data. It is simple, effective and efficient.

The beauty of this system is that no middleman is required for the user to access their data. Nor do they require expert technical expertise to manage and backup or access their data. They can make the connection on their own because agentless cloud backup systems — such as our software, powered by Asigra — allow their mobile devices to connect to the cloud based network.

The cloud’s limitless storage makes it possible for smartphone users to store an unlimited amount of data without ever having to worry. Important files can be stored and accessed when needed and wherever they happen to be. Thanks to the cloud, a smartphone can become an even more useful business tool. Important documents can be accessed instantaneously. Frequent business travellers can travel light, needing only to bring their smartphone with them and storing important documents in the cloud. Knowing that their important documents are safely stored in the cloud, ready to access whenever they need them will give them peace of mind while they are on the road.

These days mobile workers are everywhere, travelling all across the globe with their hand held and portable devices. They need to be able to report back to their parent companies and send or share data with them that is easily accessible. The cloud makes it easier for them to collect and share data with their company.

Smartphones have made each employee of an enterprise on a short leash, and in the process that has transformed relationships with bosses, clients, family members, and others who reach out to the mobile worker. Millions of apps have also been developed that can make the mobile worker’s life very productive.

The next time you hit the road for business, make sure that you take your smartphone or handheld device with you. These hand held phone are called smartphones for a reason!

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