How SMBs Examine Cloud Storage Options

To reduce chances of data loss due to hardware failure, human blunder or cyber criminals, small businesses are searching for automated and affordable cloud deployment. Companies prefer to use cloud storage facility to get access to valuable documents in case they experience a disaster.

When small companies adopt cloud based affordable solutions, they get an opportunity to improve performance of employees. For instance, employees who are working on a particular project in the office are able to carry on the work if they happen to be at home or just happen to be at another location of the company. It is possible for workers to select different devices to use stored data in the cloud for sharing some of the important tasks with colleagues without wasting a single minute.


Need of Cloud Storage for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Many SMBs have adopted cloud backup services. A Spiceworks research covering almost 1,400 professionals from IT department of small and medium businesses worldwide revealed that more than 60% are using cloud based solutions. A year later the figure has grown to more than 80%. Given that the study involved IT professionals, who are subject experts, and tried to find out their preferences, we can safely say that data storage and recovery systems have given satisfactory results to online companies.


What are the motives behind an increase in cloud storage? It is noticeable that clouds are specifically used for web hosting services, disaster recovery and data backup. Presence of reliable backup system to recover data reduces the downtime costs as well.


Selection of Cloud Services

Companies are using cloud services for data storage for an easy way to access their data. In reality, all services do not offer same services for the same price; so at times it becomes difficult to comparable services. Bandwidth is paramount concern when cloud storage solution is adopted. Customers having limited bandwidth get advantage from inexpensive seeding service because accessible backup version is first stored on physical drive then delivered to data centers whereas new backup images are sent to clouds. Some offer bandwidth throttling and others help eliminate or reduce bandwidth issues by offering a free Bare Metal Restore drive service.


When our customers face catastrophe, cloud offers virtualization built in capabilities. Therefore, businesses can download files or run their specific system in the vendor’s cloud for a period of time. Our cloud users run disaster recovery program to retrieve data in a matter of minutes or hours (depending on the SLA) . On the other hand, non-cloud users require almost two weeks for recovering data.


Backup Technologies’ cloud storage services are distinguished not only for bandwidth issues, but we use cost effective system to meet the demands of our customers. There are various cloud storage service providers which will force you to buy blocks of storage space per device. Contrarily, our service permits companies to pay only for required space that will be used for data storage.


Consider all cloud services, their backup and disaster recovery options before making final decision. Select the company which fulfils all of your requirements, including data security, bandwidth management system, and pricing.

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