Key Points to Convince Clients for Software and Hardware Upgrades

Microsoft declared that Windows Server 2003 will get to an end on 14th July 2015. Expected date is over now, but Server 2003 is working perfectly and the challenge created by this software in different IT rooms is related to the challenge MSPs have to face while persuading customers to upgrade technology. It is necessary that old hardware and software should be improved on timely basis. Here are some selling points, which can help service providers convince clients to upgrade their technology:

Security is a Challenge
Due to security reasons, Server 2003 was conferring as time bomb. Microsoft has introduced no patches for 2003 Server, therefore, system will no longer be protected from Trojans, viruses, and data breaches. Though Server 2003 is still able to work, the use of unsupported software keeps all important data at risk. Remember that it is better to spend small amount on software and hardware upgrade than to suffer a serious data breach.

Easy to Avoid Failure
Generally, all moving parts of machines are prone to malfunctioning. In other words, whatever is connected to network is open to failure. Hard drives are the most vulnerable part of the hardware. It is the reason why most companies change hard drives and fundamental components to reduce the chances of failure. When hardware is upgraded at a suitable time, it minimizes annoyance for clients and service providers.

Productivity of Upgraded Technology
Though old components can work, they can create problems. Selection of new tools means you can get additional power to boost up. When graphics, memory, and video cards will be upgraded, the end result will be received in the form of highly responsive system, where users are able to carry on multi-tasks without any issue. In addition, software upgrades give access to latest tools and features so that IT users can work more professionally. For MSPs, productivity is crucial factor and basic selling point that compels clients to use upgraded technology.

Competitive Role of Companies
In business world, computers are excessively used and considered as moral fiber of production. Computers improve company’s reputation when these are used for server management, networking, and desktop virtualization. To flourish your business, it is necessary to have an updated IT based environment, with no threats of viruses, and data breaches. Moreover, upgraded system supports a business to dominate in competitive market.

How to Plan for System Upgrade?
Many clients do not show any interest to switch over to latest technology. When their attention is focused on issues, such as compliance standards, productivity level, and data breaches, they understand the importance of hardware and software transition. It is the responsibility of service providers to make the system upgrade process hassle-free for clients by planning smooth migration. MSPs must have the list of systems that need to be upgraded, and determine the perfect time for transition. There must be a well laid plan to check what will be upgraded, when to upgrade, and what amount of budget to allocate in order to perform these upgrades. If your transition plan is revised after four years, it will keep software and hardware up to date.

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