The Power of Activity Logs in Cloud Backup Services

Since your online data backup is hosted at a third party company, there are chances that you will have oodles of questions for your online backup provider. Do you know that your data can easily be compromised before it can actually reach the vaults of your online back provider? How are you sure that your data is adequately and securely stored in their vault once transmitted? What exactly make you think that your data will continue to be safe in the Internet-based datacentre? These and more are what you need to think before hiring an online backup service provider.

Majority online backup providers normally send manual or automated alerts to their customers at different stages of their data backup recovery or storage processes so as to pro-actively manage the anxiety of their customers. The main purpose of customer alert, which most online backup providers normally send to customers, is to inform them that something was not done properly the way it should have been done, so that they can either contact the service provider immediately or attend to the problem at their own end. The providers typically configure the alert when the customer first subscribes for the service. So, the client’s machine is installed on the network by the software agent and that helps to check the status of the service repeatedly and generates alert for the benefit of the provider and the customer.

One popular type of customer alert is simply known as logs. The logs are known to document the steps on the executed process. Also, all activities on the system are known to be supported by logs. There are backup logs, which inform the customer whether the backup process was smoothly done or there is/are error(s) that prevented it from being completed. If there is failed backups, the administrator will be able to notice it the moment (s)he logs into the system, as it will pop up in the form of a message or a report.

Furthermore, the user logs track and control the activities of the users and check against unauthorised attempts to access the system with the use of authenticated identity of the user. Also, passwords are recorded on the user logs, and required alerts can be generated. There may be other logs that are used to track behaviour on the network.

Custom alerts are being used to keep track of the system’s functionalities for most cloud backup service providers. Indeed, the alerts are designed to point out problems that need solutions so as to avoid problems in the system. So, the backup providers may just resolve the issues at their end without the need to contact the customer. Alternately, the service provider could notify the customer through email to handle the issue at their end. If the problem requires advanced knowledge to solve it, then the service provider may send specialised technical experts to guide the customer to resolve the issue.

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