Should Financial Stability of Cloud Service Providers be a Big Factor in the Selection Process?

Last year, Gartner predicted that we’ll get to a tipping point in the early 2018 when conventional data centres will not fulfil the requirements of “digital business”. They have also predicted that a long-term price conflict among the main cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure. It seems that companies are willing to lose money to secure a slice of the market share.

Taking the Plunge:

Businesses of all sizes are shifting to the cloud, however, it is not a mega-migration move. A steady and stable, incremental replacement of traditional data centre-based apps, along with cloud-based infrastructure and cloud-based communications to operate those applications that are not included as a part of service.

The speed of this change depends on on the potential for expense savings in the cloud, and on the “last mile”, which is the effort needed to make that move. However, risk is another big factor because data loss could happen when moving to the cloud with a not well planned migration.

Cloud Risks:

In the past, there was a few apprehension about the reliability of cloud infrastructure. In my opinion, cloud has gained excellent level of trust.  Financial stability of a cloud service provider has become a big factor.  In recent reports, behemoth Amazon reported loss from cloud services due to “aggressive investments”. Amazon’s deep pockets can absorb such losses, and it will not go out of business any time soon.  However, it can not continue to loss forever, and might increase the service fees dramatically.

Cloud Backup:

Remember, cloud backup is not just backing up your data in the cloud, but it is about protection of data that is already present in the cloud. It also means that the original data can be pulled back to the local data centre.

Avoiding Data Theft:

Cloud backup services help you avoid data theft. Companies are more serious in the matter of data protection. They need a storage and storage processes that ensure no data loss. Companies can use data archiving services as another way to store valuable information, preventing theft.  Data is archived permanently. Archiving frees up real-time storage space.  As such, companies can guarantee the accuracy of the information and archived data ensures a reliable long-term storage option.

Choosing Service Provider:

Companies must check the cloud service providers before choosing them. Customers face problems when their service providers change the backup options.  Such companies should be avoided.

Data Recovery Issues:

Recovery of the original files from storage service is very important. Users are also concerned about the health of files when these are recovered from the backup services. The backup facility should allow the customers to retrieve the original files without any damage. Different types of cloud backup services can be used to prevent data loss during storage and recovery process.

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