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Due to relatively recent advancements in cloud computing technologies, the age of the truly mobile desktop has finally arrived! Indeed, gone are the days when you would have to remember to store every file you were going to need for a business trip on your laptop in order to know that you were fully prepared, or had to access cumbersome, expensive virtual private networks in order to retrieve your data when you were on the go. Nowadays, your PC can sit safely protected at home or at your place of work while you travel, and be fully accessed, including the browsing of applications like Outlook and QuickBooks, from your smart phone or other mobile digital device!

So, how does one take advantage of this amazing new technology? Well, once you find a cloud storage provider that offers this type of service, all it takes is the quick installation of client application software on both your computer and mobile devices and that’s it; all the files from your desktop computer are now available for access and download to and from your portable digital device using nothing more than a simple web-based interface. In fact, once you are linked up, you will be able to use all your PC’s programs and utilities just as if you were back home sitting in front of your computer!

Mobile desktop access includes the ability to send items from your mobile device to your printer back home, or from your PC’s hard drives to a remote printer located wherever you happen to be. Of course, in addition to being able to modify and see PC’s files from your mobile device, you will also be able to cut, copy and paste items to and from your mobile device and your desktop, effectively doing away with the barrier between your desktop and your mobile digital devices! In addition to this, with any quality mobile desktop application, all potential security concerns are null and void, with all transfers to and from your computer and portable devices using bank grade encryption and remote data only becoming accessible after passing high levels of user authentication procedures.

Unfortunately, however, there are still a few snags that one must potentially overcome to get all of this going, the first of which is the requirement of having a desktop that is Windows based and supports Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol, which can be found on most Windows 7 versions. Secondly, for now at least, one’s mobile device must be either an iPhone or iPad, with plans for extending this service to other sorts of devices coming soon. Finally, not all cloud computing or online data backup companies are providing this high-tech service yet, so finding one that does can sometimes prove to be a bit of a challenge.

This is just one of the reasons that we here at Backup Technology Limited (BTL) are proud to offer our cloud backup services. BTL, powered by Asigra, specialises in being one of the few cloud backup and storage providers globally. It offers clients an easy software that installs quickly and uses application that truly carries with it powerful features for the modern day. Businesses, on the go, take advantage of such solutions as data mobilisation has become very important; keeping you connected to all of your digital assets wherever your business might take you. To find out more about BTL, visit

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