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Portable data storage devices have been quite a hit as, unlike cumbersome floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, you can carry around large amounts of data easily. This also meant that a thief could easily steal your storage hardware like pen drives, portable hard disks etc.

Recently, a box that belonged to UK insurance provider, Prudential, fell out of the courier van when it was being delivered to its head quarters. This data contained private details such as the bank numbers, cheque numbers and other information that was related to investments to the tune of a million pounds. This box also contained details of three lottery winners who would not be considering themselves so lucky now.

This incident has further highlighted the importance of data backup and online data storage. Even if you manage to save and protect your data from potential thieves and data loss, this form of storage is still susceptible to physical harm. This is why online backup has become so important.

With online back up, you can now store all you data on the internet and never have worry about it getting physically damaged or stolen. To get started, all you need is an online data backup and online data storage service and decide the data that you want to backup.

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