Precious business data destroyed can have a cataclysmic effect

It must be the experience of many that while working on a file for a long time after many hours put in, the power fails suddenly, and the whole effort is wasted. It will be very frustrating to realise that several hours of important work has gone down the drain owing to power failure.

A business must take into account every conceivable scenario where damage can be caused to computers. The workplace can catch fire or the laptop can get stolen, causing real problems. The hardware that is the computer and the laptop can be accounted for via insurance, but the data stored in them, which is of immense value, is lost forever. The loss can be enormous because many years of efforts may have gone into collating the information.

The precious business data destroyed can have a cataclysmic effect. The information could be the lifeline of the business. It takes several years of hard work to gather customer information, contact details, vendor’s details, customer’s references, etc.

Just imagine all this is just destroyed in an instant. This can spell doom for the business and also the future of the owner. So it is prudent to consider data backup.

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