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Study finds Data Loss has affected 39% of Financial Organisations

A recent study released by Informatica, a world leading data integration specialist, states that 39% of financial organisations have experienced data loss or theft.
Of those firms affected, 87% said that it had a serious impact on their business and their operations. When it comes to protecting customer data, of the all the firms researched, 74 % admitted to having very little confidence in their company’s ability to protect this vital information.

Informatica’ s Senior Vice President, John Poulter, states

“There appears to be an overwhelming lack of confidence from IT professionals that their organisations have the right measures in place to ensure that customer data remains protected and the business remains out of the firing line from industry regulators. To avoid the sting of a hefty fine from bodies such as the FSA, it’s essential that organisations clearly define their data management strategy, implement best practice and are observant when it comes to making sure that the same level of data management quality is delivered across the business at all times, whether as a part of live customer services, or in the development stages of new ones.”

The research follows the report this week from Ovum who state that IT managers aren’t up taking data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. This, Ovum state, is due to the perceived notion by some IT professionals that DLP solutions are complex and offer no immediate return on investment. So despite the worry of a breach, the fines and damage to reputation that follows, many firms it would seem only see the value of a DLP solution after the data breach has occurred.

The iPhone – a risk to corporate data?

Ralf DeFrangesco is just one of the many commentators who have begun to voice concerns about the security of the iPhone. As many businesses know, the more popular a device or platform the more serious the security risk. In excess of 50 million devices are now able to download one or more of the 85000 applications available in the App store. Apple’s software itself is rife with vulnerabilities and bugs. Only last month Apple released 10 iPhone software patches to plug holes in security. Continue reading

Data-loss prevention technology

Protecting data has become a priority for businesses irrespective of their domain and scale of operation. Microsoft is formulating a plan to integrate into its products the new data-loss prevention technology. It stated this would allow security managers to keep monitoring sensitive data and thus block unauthorised usage.

While calling the step ‘significant’, Microsoft did not disclose much detail, but stated Exchange and SharePoint will probably be among the first products to comprise this DLP capability.

“Customers look to safeguard their intellectual property, which requires knowledge of identity,” noted, Microsoft’s director of identity and security, JG Chirapurath.

Microsoft points to upcoming editions of Exchange and SharePoint as likely candidates for the effective DLP technology, the next SharePoint version is only to be released in 2010. A new edition of Exchange could come even later. Chirapurath declined to divulge how Microsoft would integrate DLP into the endpoint like through Internet Explorer (IE). He added no decision so far had been taken regarding the technology with Windows 7 or Office.

For company owners who are keen on protecting their precious data offsite, the ideal option is a backup resource that will be able to offer you space in their own secured Asigra vault, hosted in state of the art data centres.

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