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Data can be secured with the right education

With data loss incidents impacting on the lives of many people and businesses, the authorities are trying to take steps to minimise risks in the future. In a statement, the head of information assurance, Michael Gough claimed that with correct security and the right education data loss could be prevented.

Gough, who is also overlooking a security training programme in EDS, said that data loss problems would continue due to the increase in use of removable media devices. While addressing the public, he said that people need to know when to use removable media and why it is important to use data encryption when moving a high capacity of data to ensure no data risks are taken.

He also said that it was not security that was the problem, but human vulnerability was at the heart of data loss incidents. The problem can be solved by education and security development. Gough used the HMRC incident of copying data onto CDs and questioned why they were not protected when they were being moved.

The many security breaches have caused concern amongst the general public and constant reminders are now being sent to companies and agencies who handle sensitive client information. The use of better data security methods like an offsite data backup are being encouraged to ensure sensitive data is encrypted and protected at all times.

EDS takes a year to notice loss of prison-staff data

A Ministry of Justice investigation has found that EDS had lost data on prison staff twelve months before noticing the breach.

According to Jack Straw, Justice Minister, the HP subsidiary will undergo an annual audit of its security and pay the cost arising from the loss which also includes retraining.

The Ministry’s investigation into the data breach that was announced in September revealed that the incident could affect nearly 5,000 staff as the hard drive contained “256 items of sensitive personal information” which has the potential to cause a lot of damage if leaked. The data included information like addresses, dates of birth, bank details and national insurance numbers.

Straw also added that there was no indication that the information has entered the public domain. Investigations revealed that data was downloaded to a hard drive as a part of data recovery exercise in July 2007. The disk was not cleaned before it was taken out from the site.

Online data storage protects information from leaking by limiting the access. Online data storage also makes the use of traditional storage devices like CDs, DVDs etc redundant and hence reduces the chances of data theft or loss. Companies and government organisations should use the best available technology to secure their data.

EDS will now have security checks

Soon after a recent loss of sensitive data, the computer giant, Electronic Data Systems, will have to face annual audits for security standards said the justice secretary. Jack Straw said that EDS will bring in “appropriate classroom and computer-based training packages”.

These changes came soon after a review concluded that the personal details of 256 National Offender Management Service staff stored on a hard drive were lost by EDS. The data loss happened in July 2007, but did not come to notice until July 2008. Mr Straw said that this situation occurred due to EDS’s lack of a tracking system.

Mr Straw also added that EDS had informed the NOMS’S IT security team in July. The security team failed to take necessary action as the ministers and senior officials had no idea of this data loss event till 6th September.

Until that time, the details of almost 5,000 people were lost from the hard drive. After a detailed investigation, it was found that it contained 256 items of personal and sensitive information. This was sensitive data like address details, bank details, National Insurance numbers and date of birth. Mr Straw also said that there are no indications as to whether this information has entered the public domain or not.

Online data backup and online data storage provide good security for your data. Data is stored on the company’s server at an offsite location. This data is stored in an encrypted form, thus making it more safe and secure.

Online backup is the need of the hour

The tables could have turned on the Justice staff, for once they may not be the one proclaiming the verdict; instead they were almost the ones with the verdict thrust upon them on the 7th of September 2008. Details of the employees of the National Offender Management Service in England had their details stolen from the private firm EDS that had them, apparently, secure.

The data of this value was stored on conventional storage devices like pen drives, hard disks etc. and was password protected. This incident highlights how vulnerable and susceptible data is to theft. With new technology, such conventional storage devices have become obsolete for storing personal information and a new form of data storage has come into the picture, online storage. Companies have harnessed the power of the internet and now you have an ‘online vault’ where you can now save all your valuable information. Online storage is safer as compared to portable storage devices like memory sticks, pen drives, laptops etc.

All that you need is an internet connection to upload your data and files and you are all set to go, even in the event of a data loss! As data is stored in real time, you can retrieve the latest and most updated data.

Online back up to solve your storage woes

Wednesday, 8th October 2008, turned out to be a bad day for the Ministry of Defence when they were informed by their contractor EDS that a portable hard drive that contained information on approximately 600,000 potential recruits plus 100,000 armed-forces personnel had been lost when it was being held in secured premises in Hampshire.

This is just another addition to the earlier incident of data theft that occurred in January when three unencrypted laptops were lost.

These incidents are a couple of the many data loss incidents that are happening all over the globe. Valuable data that took time and labour to construct was lost in a matter of minutes. In such cases, to have a backup is the ideal option, however, data storage on conventional storage devices like a USB drive or a portable hard drive is useless since they are prone to damage or malfunction due to negligence or other such factors. The best place to store your valuable data is thus, the internet. A reputable online backup and online data storage company provides you with an ‘online vault’ where you can upload your valuable data automatically.

In the event of data loss, all you have to do is download this saved data and you can get started immediately without having to go through the trouble of restoring the data. Your data is uploaded daily and hence, in the case of a back up, you can retrieve your latest used file.

Private firms as well as government organisations susceptible to data loss

There have been many cases of data loss even with reputed firms all over the world.

The data loss incident that took place in July this year had details of employees of the National Offender Management Service in England stolen from the private firm, EDS. Government organisations and departments have also suffered data loss for various reasons, but mainly due to improper data storage and data backup.

The data was stored on hardware such as hard drives where it is vulnerable to loss or theft.

Hence, companies have started storing their data online as online backup and online data storage is much more safe and reliable.

Many companies offer backups but you should check to make sure all your needs are met. A regular e-mail is sent to you informing you that backup was successful or not and this information and your back up can only be accessed with your personal User ID and password.

Conventional back up devices have now become outdated and they are also cumbersome, whereas internet backups are fast, cheaper and more secure.

Very simply put, online backup is like a bank. Anyone would prefer to keep money in a bank rather than leaving it vulnerable at home.

This is important as data is susceptible to theft and loss whereas in the case of online backup, data remains safe and secured.

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