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Online data backup helps protecting your vital data

In recent months, the UK Government has faced repetitive embarrassment over data loss. In the past year, almost 270 cases have been reported concerning data loss. It was admitted by Prime Minister Gordon Brown that it is very difficult to promise the safety of private data.

However, many organisations think that if they had taken certain precautionary measures, these incidences could have been easily avoided. Also the government should not ignore such cases and they should invest in proper technology that can save such incidences in the future.

The Managing Director of Nebulas Solutions Group, Nick Garlick said that the recent comment from Gordon Brown that the government cannot assure safety of private data is very surprising.

Gordon Brown’s recent comment clearly provides a view that the Government is ignorant about technology. It also shows that they have made little investment to protect the sensitive data and confidential information of people. To prevent such situations, there should be proper data loss prevention and encryption techniques. Online data backup and online data storage offers exactly same service to its end users. It is a quick, safe and efficient way to store your data effectively. It stores the data on an offsite location and in an encrypted form, making it more safe and secure.

Whitehall losing one computer a week

In recent months, on average, one government computer has gone missing, as admitted by ministers. According to a survey by conservatives, 53 computers have disappeared this year along with 30 mobile phones, 36 Blackberries and 4 memory sticks. Tory frontbencher, Grant Shapps, said that the Whitehall security needs to be reviewed. This demand has come only a year after Gordon Brown apologised that they had lost data disks which contained information of around 25 million people.

Mr Shapps, the housing minister recently wrote a letter to ministers asking about all the data and equipment that has been lost by their department last year. Health department lost the most computers with 14 of them disappearing. A spokesperson added that all these incidents were investigated. He also said that all the portable equipment was marked with an invisible dye which can easily help to detect or prevent theft.

There was only one incident that involved personal data loss. An outside contractor had leaked the details of a junior doctor. The Department for Children has lost 13 computers which contained information of schools and families. The Department for International Development has lost 9 computers, but all the information was stored in an encrypted form thus making it more secure.

Having an Online Data Backup and Online Data Storage service subscription is the best way to avoid such incidents. Online Data storage service is the safest way to store your data and in an event of data loss it is very easy to restore the complete data in minutes.

Data can be kept safe with disaster recovery solution

According to Gordon Brown, the security of sensitive data can not be guaranteed. Hence, criticism has been made of his comment that data loss is unavoidable. During his visit to the Gulf he said that mistakes are made by human beings and that the government cannot promise that every single item of information will always be safe. However, the founder and CTO of Secerno said that it is the complete opposite of what was said earlier by the Home Secretary.

According to the Home Secretary, the ID database was supposed to be unbreakable. The government is blaming people and outsourcing contracts rather than using the best available technology. It is important to have an online data backup and online storage as it allows the companies to deal with critical situations and prevent data loss.

Disaster recovery solution protects your valuable data in the most efficient way as all the important files are kept on a backup server. Hence, it is very easy to regain the file if needed. The data can be accessed from any computer through the internet by entering your security details.

According to Gary Clark, VP EMEA at SafeNet, data loss has increased due to stolen portable devices and misplaced hard drives. However, disaster recovery solution keeps your data secured and saves your data from getting damaged or lost. Disaster recovery solution also allows you to access your data from any location at any time.

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