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Why Are Companies and IT Professionals Reluctant to Use the Cloud?

For a variety of reasons, today, many professionals are reluctant to use the cloud. In fact, a recent IDG survey revealed of that of 153 IT professionals, most of them are reluctant to use the cloud to store data and that only 13 percent of organisation store their files in the cloud. The good news is that as time goes on, more users will become less reluctant to use the cloud; and will realise why it is beneficial for them to access this cutting edge technology. But, what are the underlying reasons why more companies and professionals are not using the cloud?

Perhaps part of the reluctance stems from the fact that like any new technology, there is a fear of the unknown. This fear of the unknown and using a new technology breeds mistrust. There could be a fear of losing data, of not feeling secure that transferring their files to the cloud will ensure that their data is safe.

The reluctance cannot stem from the cost of switching over to the cloud. Switching over to the cloud is a cost effective way of doing business that does not require a major capital investment. It allows businesses to store their data and access it instantaneously.

It could also not be due to a lack of flexibility. The cloud allows IT users and businesses a great deal of flexibility, particularly frequent business travellers. For example, with just a handheld device like a smart phone and access to files in the cloud, employees can be anywhere in the world accessing the data that they need for a meeting, briefing, seminar or workshop. The cloud frees them up from carrying files with them or even taking a laptop or tablet. Accessing data on a smart phone allows business travellers to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues wherever they happen to be travelling.

So, whatever the reluctance may stem from, there is a need to tout the benefits of the cloud to those who don’t yet see the benefits of using it yet. Perhaps it is just a simple matter of a lack of awareness. Many end users might be using cloud technology without even being aware that they are using it (Google docs for example or the Kindle Cloud reader being prime examples). Perhaps, it is just a matter of informing them of what cloud technology is all about; and how it is already being used for a myriad of reasons. Once they are aware, the fear of the unknown may dissipate.

Whatever the case may be, the reluctance by some IT professionals, organisations, and end users will most likely dissipate over time as they overcome their resistance to this new technology. The benefits of using the cloud far outweigh the disadvantages; and as an awareness of this fact grows, so will the number of users of the cloud. Therefore, the cloud has a bright future.

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