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Council paves way for home working with strong encryption

In a progressive move to enable home working and combat the threat of data loss and security, Enfield Borough Council has installed sophisticated encryption technology on 3000 laptop computers.

The Sophos encryption technology added to the portable PCs is a part of a scheme that the council is putting into action in order to transform the thousands of computers it uses from vulnerable liabilities into secure, powerful platforms. Continue reading

The importance of Disaster Recovery Testing

Since 2005 Backup Technology have performed tens of thousands of live restores and test restores for our Online Backup customers, itís a critical part of what we do and itís important for us to demonstrate the speed and reliability of our recovery process on a regular basis.

For the last year we have also been working with our customers to enable them to carry out complete Disaster Recovery Tests. The key difference is that rather than recovering 3 or 4 key servers, we are able to go much further and restore every server in the network to different hardware to ensure that in a Disaster situation our customers would be able to function with the minimum disruption to their business.

Previously this was never possible as clients did not have the spare hardware onsite to allow them to recover dozens of servers, and they also didnít have the time to set aside a week to perform the testing.
To address this we developed a method of recovery which is revolutionary as we provide the hardware and also take care of all of the work, so that our customers have to do is log in via a secure VPN to check that everything is fully recovered.

To date we have performed successful recoveries with networks of over 60 servers including domain controllers, multiple operating systems, email servers, database servers and file servers. Technically it can be very challenging trying to recover complex configurations of things like clustered Exchange, but it is hugely rewarding to log in with a customer and go through server by server confirming successful recoveries.

The key benefit for us as a company is that having completed the Disaster Recovery test our clients know that they can fully recover their operations and they have a realistic expectation of the recovery times for each server. Armed with this information it makes a real life DR a far more straightforward process as the panic element is removed as the key procedures that each user on site has to follow is documented and rehashed on at least an annual basis.

For more information on our Disaster Recovery services please visit: http://www.backup-technology.com/disaster-recovery/

Disaster recovery services protect your business

It can be a shocking experience to lose important data from your PC. Therefore, to be on the safe side you should always secure your data with a disaster recovery service. A disaster recovery service ensures that your data is safe and you can deal with any kind of emergency. You can get a duplicate copy of your site storage, content back up options and enhanced data restore capabilities through a disaster recovery service.

Ethernet, VPN connections and customer data over the internet can easily be secured by disaster recovery solutions. Your lost data can be instantly restored to offsite data storage facilities via a user friendly web interface. Your data can be transferred to any recovery site through the internet.

A disaster recovery service safeguards your business against any disasters and hence holds real value for your business. It also ensures the highest level of data protection. The entire data backup and data recovery process is automated. To back up a large file, disaster recovery service could take several minutes.

A disaster recovery service provides you with technical support for your data. One of the most important benefits of a disaster recovery service is that you only pay for the resources you use. Hence, a disaster recovery service can play an important role in getting your data back in case of any kind of emergencies. This is why every business whether big or small must have a disaster recovery plan.

Disaster recovery services are reliable and flexible

It is a devastating experience to lose irreplaceable information relating to your business. You can deal with any kind of emergency if you have disaster recovery services backing up your data. You can get the back up of your content, duplicate copy of your site storage and advanced data restore capabilities through disaster recovery services.

Customer data over internet, VPN connections and Ethernet can be secured and stored using disaster recovery services. Disaster recovery services offer live database backup options supported on Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms. You can make your business more reliable and flexible using disaster recovery services.

You can instantly restore your lost data through an off site data storage facility via a user friendly web interface. Disaster recovery service copies your data to a mobile storage device which can be transported to any recovery site that you want.

Disaster recovery service holds real value for your business as it safeguards you against any unforeseen events. Disaster recovery service ensures the maximum level of data protection. While backing up a large file, you should know that the disaster recovery service could take several minutes.

Therefore, disaster recovery services reduce your cost and control your backup and recovery environment with greater reliability and resilience. If you analyse all the possible solutions for protecting your data, you will find that disaster recovery service is the best option for your business.

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