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Hackers and spammers preparing for holiday season warns MessageLabs

A new Intelligence report from MessageLabs has warned that the intensity of seasonal spamming and malware is on the increase. Internet users should expect a whole host of malicious emails themed around Christmas, Halloween and other popular events. In addition, the report contains troubling evidence suggesting that spammers are running pre-emptive campaigns for events in 2010, including Valentine’s Day and the South African World Cup.

Phishing sites have also seen a shift in focus. UK customers have been targeted by fake sites claiming to offer tax rebates from HM Revenue and Customs. Tax-based phishing was up by 70% in October according to the report and on October 13th, HMRC phishing emails accounted for 81% of all UK spam. Other phishing efforts were largely centred around pharmaceutical-based products and software. Continue reading

Online data backup services are a must have for everyone

Regardless of whether you use your computer for business or personal reasons, it is always difficult to cope with the loss of data. This is why you should have regular system backups. The internet provides the best and the most effective medium for storing and backing up your important data. With the advent of online data backup, it is no longer necessary to store data on hard drives, CDs, DVDs or ZIP drives.

Many computer users prefer online data backup as it provides an easier, safer alternative to traditional data backup methods. Here are some reasons why online data backup is so useful.

Online data backup protects your data
Your data is protected from getting damaged or lost. With this service, you can be certain that all your information will remain safe and secure at all times.

Data can be accessed at anytime
You can access your data from any location at any time of the day. You could be in your office or at home and you would still be able to access your data.

Online data backup sharing data easy
You can easily share your data with family, friends and clients without any inconvenience. You can share what you want, be it photographs or important documents, with who you want, when you want.

An important aspect to keep in mind when getting an online data backup service is the password protection. It would be wise not to use an obvious password as it would protect your confidential files from unauthorised users.

Why it is important to have online data backup for your business

If you own a business and deal with important documents on your computer everyday then you should consider using an online data backup service to protect your data. Many people wonder why they should have online data storage and backup when hard drives are capable of storing large amounts of data on them. The hard drives can get damaged and your data can be lost forever. This is why you should never rely on a single source to store your important data.

You should always have a backup of your important files and documents as you can land up in big trouble if your hard drive gets corrupt or lost.

Many people lose their valuable information because they fail to backup their data.  Some people backup their data on CDs, DVDs and ZIP drives but even they can get corrupted very easily.

In case you have an external storage drive for backing up data and you keep it in the same area as your computer, there are chances that it may catch fire or get damaged in a major accident.

Online data backup and storage service provides direct access to your data through the internet. You can access your data from any where in the world. For accessing the data you just have to log in by using your username and password. By using online data backup, you can keep your files safe and can retrieve them whenever needed.

Online data backup service is very affordable and even small businesses can use it to store and protect their important business data.

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