Why the Cloud has Become an Integral Part of a Company’s Business Strategy

For many companies and individuals, the cloud is no longer a luxury. It has become an integral part of their business strategy. Every day, more and more companies are realising the benefits of cloud based technology. So, why are these companies making the change to the cloud? What has helped shift their thinking? There are many reasons.

Cloud based technological innovations have not happened overnight. They have been years in the making. Like any cutting edge technology, companies tend to be cautious before making the switch to a new technology that they are not familiar with. However, as time has gone, many end users have been accessing cloud technology without even realising it. Increasing familiarity with the technology might be one reason why cloud technology is becoming more prevalent.

Cloud based email, videos, cloud based e-readers, financial services, and so on … the list is constantly growing. People use these services in their day to day lives and have begun to realise the advantages to having access to data in one place instead of having it scattered in a variety of locations. Businesses, too, realise the value of having their data stored in one location. This allows their employees to access data wherever they are.

The ability to store unlimited amounts of data safely and securely is one of the reasons that the cloud is becoming indispensable to businesses today. Being able to store data in one place and access it instantaneously through an Internet connection on a laptop, Netbook, Tablet, Chromebook or Smarphone not only makes a company more portable, but more efficient. This allows a company to streamline its operations. Data, which is the lifeblood of many companies, is easily stored and made accessible.

Accessing the cloud is also increasingly becoming a part of a company’s business strategy because it can save a company money. Anyone considering starting a new venture, or expanding their current operation must take this into consideration. It will not cost a company an arm and a leg to access cloud based services as they don’t have to undertake any major capital expenditures. They can easily incorporate the cost of purchasing cloud services into their budget. Adopting a cloud based strategy could help a company not only to save money, but also to make money, as well. In fact, cloud technology through the use of data analytics, can help a company maximise the use of its data. It can help companies profit from the data that they possess. Therefore, accessing the cloud can be a money saving and money making proposition.

There are many reasons why many companies today consider the cloud as an integral part of their business strategy. Those numbers will only grow in the future as more and more companies realise what the cloud has to offer them.

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