How the Cloud Helps Companies Reach Mobile Customers and Employees On the Go

We live in a mobile and portable world. People have access to the Internet through a variety of devices ranging from their Tablets to Smartphones to Netbooks and Chromebooks. The cloud has the ability to tap into this market and makes it easier for companies to reach their customers as well as their employees, wherever they are.

In fact, the Internet and the cloud have brought customers and employees in closer contact with businesses because many businesses now take advantage of cloud based mobile applications for a variety of reasons. The cloud can help companies retain customers and even attract new ones. It also helps them keep in closer contact with their employees. How is is it able to do this?

First of all, some industries utilise the web to entice customers to purchase products and services while they are on the go using their portable devices. The hospitality industry, airline industry and even restaurants are an example of this. People oftentimes choose to access these services while they are in transit using their tablet, Netbook or smart phone. For example, they might book a hotel, an airline ticket or choose a restaurant with the help of cloud driven applications. Accessing the cloud makes it easier for them to do this. So, this is one way the cloud is able to help these industries increase their business and enhance their connection to their customers. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Many other industries can also benefit what the cloud has to offer in a variety of ways and loyalty reward programs are another example of how the cloud can help businesses reach out to their customers.

The manner in which the cloud can help companies initiate loyalty programs through the cloud is by using cloud driven web interfaces. This can help them encourage valued customers to purchase additional products and services as well helping them to reward and retain loyal customers. At this point in time, loyalty programs that are cloud driven are underutilised by the retail sector. This is an area where there is an opportunity for lots of growth. Digital membership program that offer customised email based programs has the advantage of being portable and easily accessible wherever the customer may be which can increase customer satisfaction. Aside from making customers more mobile, the cloud makes it possible for a company’s employees to be mobile as well.

Once a company has made the decision to use cloud based services, it will enhance the ability of its employees to access important data when they are on the road travelling for business. It allows them to access important files that are stored in the cloud. All they need is an Internet connection that can be accessed through a portable device like a tablet or smart phone. In addition to making data easy to access the cloud allows business travellers to effortlessly connect and collaborate with colleagues wherever they happen to be.

So, thanks to the cloud, customers and employees are can roam away from home worry free. Customers can purchase products and access services while employees can communicate and collaborate with colleagues and access the data they need while they are on the road. The cloud therefore makes being mobile a breeze.

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