Role of Cloud Backup Services in Disaster Recovery

Regardless of using external hard drives, USBs or cloud backup system to protect your data, more than 60% companies have lost valuable data. Usually, companies select either local backup or cloud system for data storage. You might have implemented both local and cloud based strategies to provide an ultimate solution. As a cloud backup company, it is in our interest to make customers aware of risks and benefits of data recovery plans. Small businesses and big enterprises must understand that system crashes directly affect on their business.

When system is down, it is ridiculous to imagine productive results. In fact, companies pay for each and every hour that is wasted due to disaster. Businesses cannot overlook disaster recovery plan, as a minute of downtime reduces the amount of profit. This downtime spoils company’s reputation. As a business, you need to get professionals to help you plan for your data. Let us find out factors which can lead towards debacle. When system stops working, our plans help in recovering data and running things in systematic manner. Within a short time span, employees can return to their routine operations. In order to avoid data loss in the future, selection of an effective recovery method is necessary.

Valuable data of companies is exposed to blunders, hackers and infections round the clock. It is auspicious that technology has given a solution in form of cloud backup and local environment. If you select our services — powered by Asigra — we give value to local level storage, as well as cloud based storage.

Cloud as Catastrophe Proofing

Backup in cloud form assists businesses in several ways. It supports operation and software distribution. It can be used for deploying services, infrastructure constituents and operating systems. Cloud offers flexible and convenient way of storing data that is the reason it is ranked as dependable source of business continuity.
If your business is struck by a disaster (theft, virus, fire), cloud backup works just like insurance policy that is responsible to recuperate your treasure. It is directly linked with virtualization so companies can restore backups on virtual machines. If your business needs to devolve routine responsibilities and pay attention on productivity issues, consult with professionals for disaster recovery program.

Cloud Friendly Hassle-free Solution

When cloud solutions are offered to customers, it is part of our job to inform them about local backup. No doubt, cloud is robust and amazing technology; however systematic strategy is needed to get benefit backup regimen.

Localize and Routine Data Storage

For disaster recovery, make sure that data which is backed up in the cloud is also stored within the company locally. An effective disaster plan means to use maximum sources to retrieve data. Use of software tools and cloud do not give justification for not saving data locally.

Organized Data

Usually, small companies neglect to organize their data when all information is backed up in backup cloud. In fact, categorization enhances visibility option and makes it easy to check what type of data has been backed up, what should be added, and where important files are stored?

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