Significant Software Features of Cloud Backup

To overcome the chances of data deletion, businesses need offsite and onsite backup plans. Whether you are running a small business or have thousands of customers online, you must have at a minimum a local backup system. In addition, it is important to secure your data using a cloud backup service. In order to get the best possible services, you will need to hire the right cloud purveyor, and ask some basic questions or check the features of the software. 

Various organizations use a variety of software systems for server, databases and virtual machines. Consequently, organizations need multiple systems for different backup applications. Lack of consistency could result in unsuccessful recovery attempts. Therefore, it is preferable to have all in one standardized backup solution.

In the cloud world, there are companies offering cloud backup services with specific features. Requirements of your business depend on risks associated with data, type of data, and privacy features. If your company is searching for cloud backup plan, check software features before selection. Some of the significant features are as follows:

Importance of Granularity

To search data, it is basic need of businesses to have granularity, as it helps in e-discovery procedure. Granularity is a process that checks bulk of data to get required information therefore software must accomplish search depending on:

  • Type of data: Microsoft Office Documents, PDF, emails, and etc.
  • Source of data: Search should be based on financial app, particular server file or Microsoft SharePoint
  • Analyzing information on the basis of Social Security numbers, bank account and credit card numbers

Logs & Alerts

It is one of the software features of cloud backup to monitor backup and give alerts concerning current backup status and failed backup jobs. Email alerts are sent on daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep your company ahead of customers. In this way, issues can be fixed before they change into catastrophe.

Customized Storage Option

Some of the benefits of customized storage are low risk, improved form of information, reduced capital, and use of secondary data for analysis and reporting. When data archive expands, it is troublesome to see search results with many copies of one file. To cope with this problem, deduplication engine is used to avoid copying of similar files. For data security, backup plans are used; always select software that offers fast recovery procedure.

Flexibility of Data for Cloud Backup

Flexibility of data archiving software supports various platforms at a time. Moreover, it can handle different data targets and data sources for extraction.

Secure and Fully Protected

Cloud vendors must have impenetrable system to enhance data security feature. Advanced features such as round the clock surveillance and biometric access controls should be used to make sure that cyber criminal cannot access cloud backups.

Backup with Server Configuration

One of the great advantages of getting cloud backup is to store folders, OS, files and settings according to their present status. It gives benefits to enterprises as backup is much more than folders and files backup. In fact, it covers whole system and recovers data in minutes based on your RPO and RTO.

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