How to Share Files Online Securely

It is abundantly clear that the Internet, cloud backup, cloud computing, and data storage are changing the way that businesses operate from the ground up, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Through the use of these new modes of technology, everyday more and more small to medium-sized businesses are finding it easier to compete with the big corporations as virtualisation and cloud computing become increasingly affordable, and thus accessible, to everyone. At the very centre of this revolution lie the cloud backup and storage service providers, whose advancements in security, file sharing ability, and collaborative computing continue to lead the way in changing how data is being protected and shared by businesses of all types.

Online data backup company’s servers create a virtualised network that is both easy to access for the user and, in order to avoid the possibility of anyone’s data falling into the wrong hands, security-intense in nature as well. This is achieved through the use of advanced methods of file encryption, both while data is being transferred to and from the online backup company, and while in storage on the online backup company’s servers. The servers themselves are run by special software that effectively restricts data access by creating virtual “road blocks” between the files of all users on the system. In addition to this, users can only gain access through a vigorous authentication process, further ensuring the safety of the all the data on the network.

Storing and accessing your company’s data online offers increased flexibility in being able to allow other users to easily access and edit your files. The versatility in which users can share files online is continuing to grow, with nearly all online data storage companies now offering some level of file sharing capabilities. The end result of this is the virtual network ability between any and all computers, with the restrictions of having to be in physical proximity to any individual that you wish to collaborate with becoming less and less important all the time. In addition to this, companies that are taking advantage of these virtualised cloud storage servers end up appearing to their customers and associates to have vastly larger and quicker databases than they would be able to afford and maintain on their own, further levelling the playing field between smaller and larger businesses.

The control of which files are only accessible by the original author and which ones will be shared with other users on the network is, of course, left entirely up to the subscriber. In fact, once the cloud backup service provider’s software client is installed on a business’s computers, they will instantly have control over a whole host of varying levels of security protocols, including the ability to assign users within their own localised networks, and in the cloud, as well. Clients of cloud backup and data storage can stay on top of what is happening with their data through the ability to monitor who has or hasn’t accessed files. Different files can also receive varying degrees of security measures as well, through the creation of multiple user passwords and special, classified links that can be emailed to individuals for temporary access privileges to specific files and folders specified by the user.

File sharing and cloud based data storage is not without its risks. After all, no matter what complex levels of security are supposedly being used, this is still your data we’re talking about here! For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you choose an online data backup service provider with a proven track record and state of the art security methods.

Backup Technology Limited is so proud that it has never been hacked in any way. It attributes this mostly to the bank grade level of encryption that it employs to all the data on its servers, ensuring that your files are only shared with those whom you deem fit. For more information, please visit

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