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BTL Cloud Backup Product Features – Part I

Cloud backup software has come a long way. Today, the average software has powerful and sophisticated features. One of the best breeds of software in the cloud backup space is Backup Technology Limited (BTL) software. BTL’s software is powered by Asigra, a leading cloud backup enabling company since 1986. The most striking feature of BTL is its agentless architecture. Professional data administrators will always appreciate the advantages of BTL’s software. Security is never compromised, as it comes with encryption key that can save and recover data to and from the vault systems. The complexity and size of problems are thereby minimised; upgrades are centralised from the vault system, and data backup and recovery becomes a streamlined process. Furthermore, licensing is easy to set up, as a single license acquisition takes care of all the future needs of the organisation.

BTL manages file databases intelligently. Every single file of the database is identified and managed by proprietary algorithm, and the end-user can remain completely unaware of the intricacies that enables the backup of different kinds of data files, from multiple operating system environments, using a single interface.

How does all this happen? BTL’s cloud backup technology consists of two components: the DS-Client, and the DS-System. The DS-Client is installed on a dedicated Windows, Macintosh or Linux server and target backup machines are identified. The DS-Client also allows versioning, which means that backups can be available for a quick restore.

Using standard APIs on the target machines, the system automatically logs into the backup system and captures the data securely. The DS-Client, then processes, compresses, encrypts and transmits the data from the target machines using delta blocking and common file elimination technologies, commonly knows as de-duplication. The system is very intelligent in that it runs un-interrupted in the background, segregating corrupted files; correcting them or marking them for re-try at a later date.

The DS-System is at the core of Asigra Cloud Backup technology. It is installed in an enterprise or service provider data center, or in an IaaS cloud. The DS-System efficiently aggregates data from all remote DS-Clients and maintains, manages and validates the online backup repository.
BTL allows the use of Local Restore tool in order to speed up LAN restorations. Depending on your needs, you can use such tools, as:
• Long Term Storage Policy Making Tool — is a discovery tool to automatically ascertain characteristics of primary data, Client and System Monitoring, Email Message Level Restore, Bare Metal Restore capability, and SNMP Integration.
• File Summary Tool — provides both a synopsis and detailed scanned file information. The report is easily modified with several filters allowing a group of files to be specifically analysed.
• LAN Discovery Tool — identifies the characteristics of data, such as when the last time it was accessed, its age, and file size. This will help the user to make business decisions about how they want their data stored and recovered.
In Part II of this series, we will further discuss BTL’s main features in details.

Online data backup – Reliable, affordable and hassle free

Online data backup is the service that provides users an online system for backing up and storing computer data. Online data storage companies offer a service that allows users to backup any data they want over the internet.

Online data backup is often built around a client software program, which runs on schedule once a day or week depending upon the users requirements. High-end LAN-based data backup systems offer services such as real time file replication and open file backup. Online data companies provide simple, automated and secure method of protecting crucial data. It is aimed at individuals who have simple data such as music files, pictures etc. and businesses with complex databases like Microsoft Access and SQL etc.

Online data backup offers the following advantages:

  • It is hassle free, the backup process runs automatically
  • It minimises your downtime in case of data loss and restores your files faster.
  • With online data backup, you eliminate the costs of buying tape and zip drives
  • Online data backup supports multiple file versions that allow earlier work to be recovered.
  • In online data backup, only changes are sent that result in efficient and non- disruptive backup.
  • You can protect your PCs, laptops, network data and system files with one solution.

Open file backup
The ability to back up files which are extensively used, including Outlook information and SQL databases. This service allows IT administrators to run a back up at any point in time.

A multi-platform backup service supports backups from multiple platforms including Window, Macintosh, Linux / UNIX.

What is Disaster Recovery all about?

Disaster Recovery from the point of view of data backup refers to the recovery of data in the case of a mishap. It is a coordinated activity to enable the recovery of IT and business systems. There are many reasons why data may be lost and this could cause a lot of pain to your organization, especially if the necessary disaster recovery solutions are not in place.

A full disaster recovery can be achieved by restoring operations to entirely separate geographic locations. The disaster recovery processes can also save the latest copies of files at a local storage location. As a customer you can even restore the file quickly from the local environment, at LAN speed. For the local backup you do not need to connect to the online data bank.

Many clients have hired online data backup agencies to ensure that in the event of a disaster their data is quickly and easily restorable. Data backup agencies can fully control or assist you with the restoration of your critical servers in case of a disaster. The best part is that this can be done to your chosen disaster recovery site.

Remote Site Backup

Imagine that one of your employees or you yourself have been working on a particular project file for months. The file is almost ready. When everything seems to be going fine, either a wrong key is pressed or the hard drive crashes and the system goes down. Ultimately, the file is lost, or it simply cannot seem be located. The client is not going to wait forever, and the project is taken away. Isnt this dreadful when all your efforts go down the drain

Remote site backup presents one of the trickiest of challenges faced by even expert IT executives and managers who are responsible for large and complex networks. Vital enterprise information might be distributed across LAN’s in remote offices on servers and computer machines that traditionally rely on local tape backup and restore systems. Protecting such information is one of the most formidable tasks.

This can be made possible with disk based agentless backup solutions. They act as an effective, holistic solution for distributed remote site backup management. This particular process of backup can significantly simplify data storage infrastructures. It employs communication protocols for managing backup tasks from a single administrator machine for any number of computers connected on a local or remote network. Online back up means you do not have to worry about losing your data again.

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